Is updating a 17 year old game engine


… easy?

Just wondering, because some people seem to think that taking an engine built in 2002 and updating it to meet the demands customers are putting on it is a simple task that will cause no bugs whatsoever.

I mean, maybe I’m wrong, maybe the engine is super easy to update and it is no problem to get the engine to optimize modern computer speed and capacity and bugs just happen because the developers hate you (yes, you).


Hell, one of my computer science homeworks was to update a program with 2000 lines of code. Updating old code isn’t easy, I can’t imagine the work needed to update wc3. A dev even told me that back then “you were a back dev if you needed comments/documentation to understand code” so that tells you of it’s challenge.


I do agree that some people are very inpatient. Not to mention the fact that up until v 1.28 most changes were balance-related and hardly compare to engine changes.


They changed the engine enough several times to completely break custom maps at least three times over a 10 year period, without remorse.


Do you think the WoW team has remorse when they release new expansions? Just curious.

Also thank you for proving my point ^.^


People are complaining because instead of simply releasing a remaster with the 17 year old game engine updated, they’re breaking the 17 year old game, seemingly so that the people playing it can play-test the bugs for the remaster.


Ah, there’s the thing. They want the engine to be better. And it will be better. And I would say that the game currently out is higher quality than “play-test[ing] bugs”.

I mean, if you were one of the bigshots at Blizzard, when the decision to release Reforged was made, would you say “slap new graphics on it and it’s done”, or would you require them to go through and fix up the code as well?


Better for whom? Ladder players? Because custom games are a hell of a lot worse off now.


Better for players new to Reforged.


Better for everyone. Good lord, are you unable to see more than 5 minutes into the future? This really isn’t hard, guys. The bugs will be fixed. And they will be fixed as soon as it is possible to fix them. They have not been fixed, which means that they have not been able to fix them yet.

Going back to the original question: 17 year old game engine. Easy to make big changes to or hard? Finger snap for a fix or days/weeks of testing and trial and error?

This REALLY should not be hard to figure out.


as a programer i can tell you, if something in the code can go wrong it will go terribly wrong
so messing arroung with an old code will make a lot of issues for them and bugs for us but with time everything will be fine as they fix it


People here are to busy focusing on current events to be rational or understanding.

The lack of patience and general pessimism…
That’s mostly due to certain errors during the con and the unwanted interference of certain companies…
About a year ago, this would have been welcomed.
Matter of fact there were those that hoped to see something like this happen when the sc remaster was announced.

But now here we are acting like the devs are evil and lazy and that bugs are their way of punishing us.


That’s literally what PTR’s are for. Releasing half-baked patches is not responsible coding. It’s poor business practices, and it gives 0 confidence for the Reforged launch. Either it’s going to be horribly buggy and half-baked, or entire features will be scrapped for “a later date.”

Part of the issue is Activision-Blizzard being so inflexible with its release dates, and ambitious schedules. They just push the coders too hard, and oversell whatever they make.

The other part of the issue is just the ridiculous lack of transparency by the devs. We get whatever they made and what they put on PTR, and nothing else. No future plans, no what’s in the pipeline. Just what we can already find.


The community is far too small for a PTR to give them the data they need. How many people would jump on it? Five? Six? A PTR never gets a 50/50 split, in any game, ever. With this game? I would expect a 5/95 split. Hardly capable of getting the results they need.

This team has less than a year. They need to know the bugs, and know them now. That means we will have to deal with the bugs as they find them and until they fix them. I know you want to believe that they have a magic wand that they can wave and locate and solve every bug while they are looking through code pre-patch, but guess what, no, they don’t.

With SC:R this team has shown that they have a dedication to preserving the game and making it exactly what the community wants. With that in mind, have a bit of common sense and human decency. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.


They could literally give incentives for PTR testing, or even just basic feedback and interactions with the testers. The major reason they have few PTR testers (in my experience it’s ~100’ish people generally) is because they foster 0 community for it. Their total lack of involvement in a lot of these matters (for testers at large anyways) is absolutely abysmal.

I know you want to believe they have a magic wand, and can wave it to magically make a community, but guess what, no, they don’t. That’s not how communities are made.

With SC:R they literally just had to up-res the game, and nothing else. That’s exactly what the community asked for.

Asking for community involvement is not forsaking human decency, nor counter to common sense.

You need to stop belittling people on the forums for their discontent, and start being a positive force on the forums instead.