Ingame chat doubled


Messages I sent in a 2v2 game were shown twice on my screen (only the ones I sent, not what anyone else sent). Most likely I was seeing it go out to the whole team, then being sent it because I was part of that team. So I was both the sender and recipient.


in 1on1 its the same
message will be send twice

(Torelef) #3

Thanks for the report guys! As SomeGuy1 mentioned, this is only affecting the sender. The people receiving your messages shouldn’t be seeing double.


But they do see it. I was asked by several opponents why I am messaging twice


I think your opponents might be confused. Only your messages, on your end, are doubled. I’ve confirmed this with multiple people in my games. No one is posting double aside from the Sender.

It goes away sometimes. I haven’t timed it but it’s around the time you get your hero out.


Confused? “Lol why the fk are your messages doubled?” is a very specific question.
At least in my games, my opponents were able to see the double posting.

(Torelef) #7

Just because we’ve been seeing one thing internally doesn’t discount the fact that other people might be seeing other things.

Thanks for the additional info GsrAndy!


funny thing is, in 1v1 the double chat stops when the enemy leaves.