Inconsistencies in Classic WC3 that you want to see fixed in Reforged

I don’t know about Maiev, but Kael was at his post in Dalaran when Silvermoon fell, then went back to help the survivors when he learned his father was dead, and so he was not at Dalaran when it was destroyed either.

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not really a campaign incosistancy like most others but… i personally would like to see things like Unholy Frenzy Damage and many other spell number-stats have the ability to be properly set to a negative… for example, currently in war3classic if you make the damage of Unholy Frenzy (normal, not tested the new incite one yet but i assume the same) a negative then it treats it the same as a positive number and still damages instead of healing, meaning that if you want to make a ability that makes it so a unit is slowed down and healed (a mirror of unholy frenzy’s DoT&Speedup) you need to do a LOT of stuff in the triggers… and let’s just say i’m not really good with those things.


Add male death knights

Would a WC2 Death Knight necessarily be all that tricky in the context of Blackrock & Roll, Too? There would not need to be a new sound set (since there’d be no way outside custom games to have one on your team), or even necessarily a new model (on account of their origin meaning they should look like humans, though it’d be cool to get a hooded DK model), so all that’d really would be needed would be orc-style names.

Darkspear trolls could be substituted with forest trolls fairly easily, it seems to me. Lorewise, as others have mentioned, it would have the easy explanation of some forest trolls not leaving the Horde’s remnants, same as some high elves remained with the Alliance after Quel’thalas’ withdrawal.


I will add to this that much of what people consider to be WC3 canon actually is based on information released between 1999 and 2006, including vanilla World of Warcraft, despite the fact these conflict with each other. WC3 canon has always been a patchwork.

So either you don’t care whether WC3 canon is actually limited to WC3 or you want WC3 to reflect lore from 3 years after Frozen Throne’s release. Pick one, though, and know your sources. Or alternatively, you don’t have to care so much. You don’t have to champion the purity of the WC3 canon if you don’t know how weird it was even back then.

I’m not saying “leave it to the professionals”, I’m just confused why some people feel such a strong need to assert themselves as experts when they are just patently misremembering what was canon. Heck, we’re having people who assert that the absence of stuff in the current beta confirms their own paranoid speculation about what’s going to be absent forever.

It just tires me. I say, go ahead. Here’s a thread if you want to discuss what’s actually canon (or rather, what canon isn’t).


I made a topic awhile back with some ideas in mind for some slight changes. And a few that might be considered kind of big. A few also mentioned on your list.

I’ll edit this post with a link once I got it.

Here you go. What Campaign Changes Do You Think Could be Made?


Yes. They bothered enough to make a voice line for female Death Knight (and probably so with High Elf units, Thalorien, and Anasterian), they should also go for here. They even made models for Gavinrad the Dire, Sage Truthbearer, Halahk the Lifebringer, and Jenalla Deemspring even though they would appear only on one chapter at most.

What do you mean exactly? I’m not one of those WC3 lore purists who dismiss the subsequent novels or WoW (I’m more of neutral to the latter)

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I mean that a lot of people claim stuff about the WC3 lore is consistent when it’s not. That’s all, really. There are WC3 inconsistencies and the only reason why we think of it as consistent is because we had the lore from 2003-2006 to retcon a bunch of stuff from the Warcraft 3 manual.

What I’m saying is; let’s make stuff consistent and let’s not be precious about exact representations.

if they can flesh out Quel’thalas and Stratholme. I think it really doesn’t hurt to push it further.

But then again maybe it’s just me wanting WC2 Deathknights, Paladins, and many new more models etc. in Reforged

  1. In the RoC prologue campaign we don’t get to see how and why hellscream was captured. A bit of a character build up for Grom I feel is necessary due to his major role in the past related to demon blood and in the orc campaign. Only during the ‘hunter of shadows’ chapter do we get a very vague glimpse of the orcs’ past during the heated exchange between Grom and cenarius. Aside from that It is only through the eyes of mannoroth and tichondrius do we see any mention of how the orcs had ties with the burning legion in the past. ‘The Death of Hellscream’ cinematic will make more sense if this is implemented
  2. Thrall, during his Exodus from lordaeron befriends the darkspear trolls on broken isles led by Sen’jin. Should include in the prologue or the orc campaign.

Will add more things later :slight_smile:


Basically, Kael found about Quel’thalas when in Dalaran and headed towards Silvermoon. When the mage got there it was too late and all the character could do was to ensure the survival of the remaining high elves, thus creating the blood elf faction. The high elves were so decimated that revenge on Arthas became a dream and they also had the magic addiction to temper with. Of course, this last one is mostly a WcII & RoC retcon.
Illidan was addicted to magic before the highborne were exiled. However, that doesn’t mean every highborne elf had to be.
Funny that their fountain was called the sunwell but to reach Silvermoon Arthas required three moon crystals to form a key.
The high elves had druids build a runestone at Caer Darrow (WcII manual). Clearly, not all high elves were supposed to be magic junkies.
About the sunwell, Tichondrius says in RoC that it’s the pool of the elves’ immortal powers. So, basically, they’d be like the night elves without the World Tree. But if high elves were also immortal just due to a lame well… eh.
It makes sense for them to have that weakness after losing the Sunwell since if the well also made them immortal or prolonged their life, that means they’d have to give that time back so magic would help them sustain their integrity onward.

Mercenaries as the other way.

The point is that WoW retconned a whole lot more than any RTS Warcraft game did to its prequel.

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One more inconsistency: literal mages among the Watchers in Brothers in Blood

That might not be an inconsistency. I’ve never taken it as such anyway. This is the sort of thing that I warn people about; there is so little information about this that it could easily lead to false conclusions. The Watchers weren’t the sentinels. Given all the magic that they use, it seems like they have a much wider breadth of magical knowledge to pull from than the sentinels did. So, based on the fact that they had mages, I assumed that meant that Watchers were cool on magi. I always thought that the use of Blink and the way it’s described in the RPG as an arcane ability reflected that the Watchers might be more arcane-inclined than the Sentinels.

That changed in Wolfheart. Then changed again in Legion.

Okay. I mean. Sure? But that’s also because WoW just eclipsed all games prior combined in turns of content and world-building.

Nothing strictly says that a high elf druid couldn’t still be addicted to magic.

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They’re not that much of an issue imo, there could arguably have been Troll leftovers in the Blackrock Clan after the Second War.

Sure, since these assets are available anyway.

If this can be done easily, otherwise this doesn’t bother me.

Quite right on those. Kodo Beasts, smuggled or not, are too “shamanistic” in nature to be smth the Outland Horde would use.


Forgot about that. I believe they are supposed to be night elves to, it’s just they don’t look the part. So a new model is needed.

Lol the Warcraft books are so bad that I’ve even thrown out (recycled) some of those I bought, despite my usual opposition to doing so with books (usually preferring to donate to charity).

Warcraft 1 and 2 is where most of the most important lore was established, and what you need to be familiar with to understand what happens in War3.

I think that many of the points the OP made are reasonable, it’s just that some of them are slightly nitpicky (like with the trolls) and/or would potentially use up too many resources to implement.

(As a side note, I just can’t stand War3 graphics anymore now that I’ve been spoiled by the beta!)

those were the Amani/Forest trolls though; the Darkspears didn’t ally with them at the second war

It’s not that they are night elves, or not. It’s that mages are practically banned in the Night Elf society. Much more towards the organization that are hell bent on punishing criminals (arcane magic use is considered crime)

You have a point here. I haven’t looked up yet when Maiev’s darkcel hatred to the Highborne was established. Also, i hated the when they retconned even Wolfheart.

I just thought that if they’re going to make Dalaran, Stratholme, and Quel’thalas better, why not push for everything else

I don’t think the model editor is going to be useful or even usable any moment after release so tbh this one’s here is my greatest excuse for more models


Hey mate :raising_hand_man: nice ideas so far!
I also would like to see some Orc Spearthrowers, or maybe Crossbowman, that could be a nice addition. The normal ‘green’ Warlock would also make sense, or the Stormreaver Orcs from the Broken Isles (renamed of course). Otherwise the Blackrock Orcs have a much darker skin (if I’m allowed to refer to WoW), maybe they need complete new models :sweat_smile: … and the ‘Orc Deathknight’ idea is also not bad

I think forest trolls are not really better than darkspear trolls. A matching Orc equivalent would be better.

An Orc Warlock hero would be nice! And maybe he can make it also into the Tavern (just to be crazy :smiley:)

Okay, so, wildly off-topic, I campaigned really hard to get Sira Moonwarden changed to Neva from Wolfheart. To explain why Maiev’s character was so strange in that novel and that Maiev blames herself for effectively corrupting three promising Watchers with her own ruminations of ‘the good old days’. That she created an echo chamber and bred a toxicity into her students.

Have Neva and the other Watchers work with Sylvanas, believing that Elune is on their side in this conflict.

I really wanted them to own this mistake and make it awesome. Instead, they killed of Sira, a character that had been with us since Cataclysm, literally because ‘oops’.


I don’t even know how Maiev became good again after that. I read somewhere that it’s probably another retcon that the demon influence or the Twilight’s Hammer maddening caused her to be like that and she was probably cured by Malfurion and Jarod.

Another off topic. I hate the part where they retconned the fact Varian sends non-humans to defend Gilneas because they can’t be raised as Forsaken… and then look at BFA.

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