Import Manager Broken

The “use custom path” checkbox in the import manager of the editor has mysteriously disappeared, causing all maps to load incorrectly in the editor, and can no longer be saved using any custom assets. This happened spontaneously and with no changes to any files or maps.

EDIT: So, apparently the “use custom path” checkbox is no long part of the editor. However, I did receive some sort of bug that broke all imported files. However, re-importing everything fixes the problem, despite being incredible time consuming.

Do not do that. You do not need to reimport every file no matter what.

Save the map as a folder then put your files in the folder. If you do not have your files, and you only have an old version of your map, then open the old map in an MPQ Editor, take out your files and put them in corresponding folders, and then add those folders to a folder map.

Then if you open the folder map and save it as a file map, it will bake in all the files and fix the import manager settings automatically.

it is a bit bugged yes. i also had some issues before. it seems to be a bit random.