I'm super pumped up about this title


I came back to peruse the comments here and saw some of the positive energy died down around here since the launch. Forums seems to be filled with tech support posts and salty complaints about current WC3 playbalance online.

Can we get some positive energy flowing again here folks?? I am SUPER pumped for this game. I simply can’t wait to play through my favorite game again with new scenes and new maps to experience.

In particular I am looking forward to seeing how much better this game will look in 2018 with suped up modern graphics, as opposed to playing the game the first time in 2002 on an intel 486 system with 512 MB of RAM and a 128MB video card. I remember back then how much the 3D terrain and natural effects looked mindblowing at the time, compared to graphics of other games from back then. If these new graphics are a step above that that’ll be a real treat to observe the beautiful maps during idle moments in the game.

Maybe there will even be an easter egg or two, like some trash pandas hidden out in the middle of the woods that you wouldn’t have found otherwise than exploring. I always enjoy optinoal side quests, easter eggs, and little bonuses off the beaten path or off the Main Objective.

Anyways, I just wanted to say again how pumped up I am for this game. I’ve been waiting for more new Warcraft RTS franchise content for decades* - with Starcraft and Warhammer only having barely sated satisfied my cravings.

thanks to the devs for all the hard work they have put into this game, and will continue to put in. I am sure it will rock!!

Can we get a cheer wave going for these guys ?!?


Yeah I’m with you brother I bought the preorder and starting playing some of the classic campaign and I’m loving it. I can’t wait for Reforged. It has really got me into the lore of warcraft and I have started to read some of the books now to. Can’t wait for it to hit and hopefully it is a success and they continue with moving on to warcraft 4.


Can I ask why?

I think just about everyone’s pretty excited for Reforged, however a lot of the comments lately stem from the concern over how it will be implemented. You see the positivity dying down for (imo) two reasons.

  1. As time goes by, the hype of the initial announcement (with very little follow up) will naturally fade away.

  2. Current implementations, while in some peoples opinions are a step forward, others view as a huge step backwards. A prime example would be the patch 1.30.2. It essentially killed off host bots to create a new, Blizzard centered custom game hosting system. Some people who hated bots and quit playing really like the change. People who actually used the bots say this is a serious downgrade (due to things like ping issues, desyncs, rating systems removed, lack of maphack detections, and various bugs with the new setup).

Regardless of your opinions on the Bots debate, the impact of 1.30.2 was essentially the emptying of Wc3 for almost a week, as most games were generally unplayable (either due to lag or desyncs). While it’s somewhat levelled out now, ping is still about 200-300 higher than it was with bots, and desyncs are still fairly commonplace.

Ultimately, these and the other changes over the last three years have shaken the confidence in most of the playerbase, in one form or another. So to have them go back in and say they are going to re-release the game in a higher def, but also going to make edits to the campaign is worrying for about half to 3/4ths of the forum. That’s not to say they’re not still excited, more like they’re cautious in their optimism. (The lack of real dev responses/dialogue on this forum does not do Activision-Blizzard any favors in this regard either).

I don’t want to be the Debby-Downer, but there’s more or less a reason why the forums are this way.


everyone has been complaining non stop but them getting rid of bots has honestly been the absolute best thing blizzard has done in a decade and saved the game for me and so many others. im very hype for this as well and hope everything goes well.


Well what sucks is that this forum doubles as a forum for all current WC3 patches and changes. Not everyone who is looking forward to Reforged happens to be playing WC3 right now either.

I tend to look at things more long-term. What we have right now with balance issues and sync errors and removal of bots is simply growing pains for what will eventually be Reforged. I think in a years time when this game is actually released, it will be in a much more polished and stable state. But yeah, until the game is actually released, I expect this WC3 to be in a constant state of flux, because there’s no way around trying to update a 15 year old game with new infrastructure without causing some stuff to go wrong.

Can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Right now it’s kinda f’d up because people are eating the uncooked eggs while they’re being cooked. At the same time, I think it would be worse if they saved all their changes and left things untouched until Reforged came out and unleashed it all in one fell swoop. At least this messy trickle of patches prepares people for what they should expect, even if happens to be overall a negative experience right now. The feeling of being disappointed has nothing on the feeling of being betrayed.


I came here for discussion too but there’s a lot of low-tier players that are just complaining about balance changes that are ridiculous. I think streams and certain other forums are better for balance discussion/hype right now…It’s not just this forum, it’s like every Blizzard Franchise forum. At some point things drastically changed…i think it’s a generation type of thing but whatever. welcome back ;p


That’s literally what PTR servers are for. You don’t release a game patch when it’s half-cooked. It sets a standard. When you release half-baked products, you look like No Man’s Sky, and we all know how that story ends. If you want to make the game flourish, you make a complete game with minimal bugs. Just like it was in 2001 with RoC and 2004 with TFT.

You don’t use public servers, that everyone has to play, to live test your bugs. That’s not how companies do things.

So yes, updating 18 year old code can produce bugs. But that’s why you test your code before you launch it. That’s why the PTR exists in the first place. So don’t try to spoon feed me bs about this being “growing pains.” That’s not how real companies do things.


How many companies actively remake 15+ yr old products that are still active online?

I’m fully aware of how things look and how things are. That’s why I’m not playing now. If anyone has any reasonable sensibility, then don’t play a broken game. Don’t like it, don’t play it, don’t buy it. It actually doesn’t take much effort to walk away.

They’re breaking eggs to make an omelette. That’s not BS at all, it’s what it is and you’re seeing the effects right now. I never said anyone has to agree with it, or even like it. Growing pains for Reforged is exactly what this is.

Think of it this way - In less-than-a-year from now when Reforged is released; would any of these same problems still exist? If we know these problems, as clear and legitimate as they are, will be fixed in the near future, then this is a transitionary thing. Until then it’s as simple as taking a break from WC3 and… do something else. I’d say the same thing to anyone playing any game for too long and having some patch ‘break their game’ because of some balance change or game-breaking bug. Cuz honestly, there’s nothing else you can do about it.


EVE, Runescape, PoE, etc. etc. There are plenty that update regularly, and do so while giving plenty of transparency. It’s not a novel or unique concept.

That’s the dumbest excuse you can possibly give.

Let me be as clear as possible, if you release incomplete patches that crash your game, that is not a positive in any way. That’s how fanbases are killed.

Yes, and it will be by the same dev team who did 1.30.2, and doesn’t take the time to properly live test their patches before launch.

You think this is the only patch they’re going to launch? Are you kidding me? This is about building fidelity and faith with the community. Buggy patches do neither of these, and not only take even bigger chunks out of their proposed timeline, which they’re already getting behind on.

Oh yeah, but what better way to build hype for Reforged than

Absolutely genius.

Except there literally is. It’s called comprehensive testing before you release. It’s called having a fully functioning QA team. It’s why the job positions exist in the first place.

Rushing patches has literally never helped a single company achieve a good product. Ever. And complaining that other people are upset for playing a game that they paid for and that the devs quite literally broke for a significant period of time is absolutely ridiculous.

Geeze, who plays games they like. And better yet, who gets mad when that game gets crashed because a patch was barely tested? Bunch of scrubs.


You’re right, it is absolutely ridiculous.

So now that you’ve hit the nail on the head, what do you believe we should be doing about it? I personally believe having more or less faith in the team doing these things will change very little. You even spoke in another thread talking about their deadlines and lack of resources to get things done right. What could we do to actually improve this? Personally I don’t believe we have control at all.

I mean we can point out every flaw that is happening and why it’s happening. But if you have no confidence in the developers, then nothing will change 1 year later when Reforged comes out because we have no control over the things we want changed.

If pointing out incompetance actually had an impact on their games, then we wouldn’t have had the rough release of Diablo 3, continual releases of bad WoW expansions or any other things we view as should be accountable by the standards of other games. Realistically speaking, we already know that won’t change through forum discussions.


I’m not gonna pretend like I have all the answers. In my eyes, the forums is half a venting space for frustrated people, and half a space for criticism of what’s come out. Sure a good chunk won’t be constructive, but if even one of the constructive ideas is taken in at some point, then at least part of the forum is validated in its existence.

That’s a fair point. Maybe one day it’ll change and they actually interact with us on some of the forums. Until then, it’s really more of a venting place than anything constructive (until proven otherwise I guess).