I’m here to play Warcraft competitively


I do not care about the model, or any other feature so long as they are what they are. And no one else should too, if you play competitively these things do not matter to you.


Ah, I see the arbiter of what we can and cannot like has arrived. Command us great objective one; for you truly know what each persons opinions and views are!


And I think the idea of playing anything completely is an insult to videogames as recreation.

Let me make something clear: I am here for the story. Literally every other aspect of the game could burn and I would dance on the ashes while enjoying the story. So changes regarding the story absolutely do matter to me.


Has the story been ruined for you?


Does it matter? You made this whole thread to say anything other than the competitive scene is irrelevant, so I’m here to tell you the competitive scene means less than dirt, so don’t tell me what does and doesn’t matter to me.


you’re about 15 years too late for that friend


its real fun trying to play a competitive game with 24/50Hz in 2k19 LUL


You probably don’t need reforged at all then. You will have better performance with regular WC3


Not even a subtle troll. 10/10 for reeling in.


So, for guys like this one they didnt add 4 HOURS OF NEW CONTENT and didnt REVOICE many characters.
Thank you, you great master, for your great command…

(I’m pissed up with people like this…)


I’m here to play Warcraft artistically.

We’ll see what happens after release.


This 20char


I’m here to play Warcraft autistically.

We’ll see what happens after reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Classic haha, everyone must play my way or not at all! Everyone has a different view on what is right for them. Believe it or not WC3 nice had a very diverse community. The game should be meeting more than just competitive ladder players expectations.