I can't post messages in Tech support

It won’t let me start a new topic in tech support to ask for help, the + New topic button is blurred and I can’t ask for help there. How is that?

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It’s disabled until reforged is released.

Oh I see, thanks. But I still have technical problems, where do I report them?

likely here for the time being.

i had a problem with wc3 and blizzards support helped me. whats your problem? can you explain it to us here?

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Since we’re still technically playing classic WC3, you can use the Classic Games Technical Support forum. However, the forums are technically player to player help, so there’s no guarantee of Bliz contact.

You can also contact support directly via a support ticket. This option will provide direct Bliz contact.


that is incorrect, blizzard posted a message there redirecting warcraft 3 players here. support tickets might help though. if you need help however, i am here to help.

Abaddon? More like “Failbaddon the armless”

40K Squad!

I wouldn’t jump to ‘incorrect’. It’s possible that someone didn’t get the memo. What I posted above is what Blizzard told me directly. Plus, there’s this here in the WC:Reforged Technical Support forum:

Where did you see a post that said for players to come here?

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it does not matter now the classic forums no longer exists. i get a 404 error when i try to access them.

They still exist. They have transitioned over to the new format. Everytime a forum has transitioned over, it’s taken a little time to update all the various links.

The link in the quote above takes you to the old forums, which then provides a link to the new forums.

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My problem was about the new customkeys codes for new buttons. I sent a ticket and a GM said they don’t support UI modifications like that in legacy games and I should delete them as soon as possible, clearly has no idea what he’s talking about.

I asked on Reddit and someone kindly provided a link to the new buttons, and a list of other minor changes like the sundering blades passive skill. It’s all fixed now, but I kinda miss how GMs were easier to reach and would help you instead of dismissing you with 404 knowledge not found. Can you even ask them to tell you a joke any more? :frowning:

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Weren’t those WoW GMs?