I can't install WC3R

Hey, i was going to install wc3r but there is no install option, like i don’t own the game, it only gives me the purchase option. help.

I have same problem. ( I dont own reforged, only the classic )
On website, I do have the game. But in launcher I must buy it.

Last time there was a download link for classic on website, that made it work.
That link is now gone. So what do I do?

Edit: Found it

I’m afraid that my problem is with WC3R :frowning: even with the link you posted i can’t find a way to install the game i own. Thanks anyways

Install the game using the classic installers in that link, then the Buy button will say Play.

Make sure your RoC key is linked to your BNET account, and you have the region selected that your BNET account is registered to.

I did it but in game it says that i need the reforged version to switch it. The problem is that i bought the game the year it came available.

  1. Open the Battle.net app
  2. Click the Battle.net logo at the top left and select Log Out
  3. Before logging in click the Cog Wheel icon (the gear) above your email address
  4. Click “Continue without logging in”
  5. On the Warcraft 3 page you should now see an Install button. Install the game fully.
  6. After the game is installed log into the Battle.net app again and it should show Play
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