I cant find games

After this new patch, i cant find games. Anyone.

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I’m finding games almost instantly. Something on your end, probably.

Before patch it took me anything from 1-3 mins… now sometimes it queue to about 600-800 secs and i give up. I do get a couple of games but the search time is about 5 mins or more.

After patch
Sorry, please help me

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Yeah, they must have put special code in that says “Potatoes isn’t allowed to play.”

Looks like they fixed it now. Search times were 5m+ last night and back to under a minute this morning.

Its the same thing here. Five minutes and i dont find games. Three days the same problem

What are you queueing for
By and large people have seemingly moved to the ladder queues. If you’re queueing for something like 3v3 unranked, you’re probably going to have long wait times because it’s the least popular thing.

Same problem. Took very long time to find a game after new patch


I dont need you saying me this
I cand find games in ranked or unraked, both, after this sh*t patch

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You mean, “I don’t need you to tell me this.”
But it’s not the patch’s fault. Obviously, people are finding games. I’ve been playing all day, personally. Maybe a server issue, but not the patch itself. Sorry it’s not working for you though. Wish I could give you better insight on the reason.

It really helps by the way, if you keep your posts civilized. That doesn’t mean you can’t be angry, but it does mean not attempting to circumvent the curse filter.

I dont want your help

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Too bad, you’re getting it anyway. :slight_smile:


Can’t you be bothered to spell out one simple word? (or just not say it at all).

If you don’t want help, why are you making a post in a public discussion forum?

Also, you clearly said you wanted help earlier.


He actually said that he needed HIS help specifically^^

must be confused…^^

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I dont want CaptainJack help
He is trying to say that the problema is my computer, my connection
I never had problems in finding games on Battle Net
Started havint these problems with this idiot patch

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Yes same problem for me, it takes ages to get a game ! WHY ?

Since august i can find games
I dont find games

Try switching the gateway you connect through.

There was an issue that seems to have been created by the addition of the newer US East proxy server that has caused some people to be unable to find matches.

If that doesnt work, try using a VPN. Mudfish is dirt cheap (A dollar or two for months worth of bandwidth to play a game like this), might solve the problem and probably give you a slightly better ping as well.

I haven’t been affected by this, so the good news is it’s not “nobody’s playing,” it’s a legitimate network related issue created by the new server. Probably a bad network configuration one their end or something.

Are you really advertising to spend even 1 dollar for this broken game?^^

Mmm well… in the end it’s worth since you can get your old cd and make a nice virtual lan party^^