I can not invite people to my clan

I’m Chief of Clan In Your Face, and everyone I chick on and invite to the clan I get a red message you can not invite then players name to the clan. I have tried invite over 50 people and always the same error. I put in 2 bug reports over a week ago and nothing. Can you please help? [REMOVED not needed] DoG13


I have not yet seen this error so bug reporting was a good idea. If you are the only one in the clan I would recommend trying deleting it and starting a new one to see if that does anything.

Thank you.

No, I have 32 in my clan. My shaman cannot invite either. They get the same error that i get. This is not right. I was getting 1-2 recuts every day before I encountered this error. We will be a top ranked clan if u fix this. If I’m the only clan that’s having this issue, and other clans can still recute, that’s not fare! Time is of the Esson. Please fix the bug. Did somebody put a cap on my clans population?? That would be horrible. max 33, Before reforged we had 100 in a clan, and with reforged im way past 100 on my friends list so im expecting it should be as high. Do I need to unestal WC and reinstall it? idk, but if there is any way I can help figure this out just let me know

Blizzard will need to fix this. CS doesn’t understand how widespread the issue is.

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My Shaman and I, the chief still can’t invite anyone to our clan.

I’m having the same problem, can’t invite anymore, please fix.

Have you come up with a soliton to the failure to invite new people to our clan?

I notified Blizzard, they said they would let their developers know about it & that we should continue using the forums, I have not found a solution & still can’t invite to my clan. I feel some type of way tbh

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