I can´t log in

I want to launch the game from the shortcut. When the game initializes, I can’t log in to my account. I enter my email and password to log in to Battle.net. Then, I approve the request from the authenticator, and after about 1 minute of loading, a pop-up appears saying ‘There was an error in handling the request.’

Launch the game from the bnet app. Problem solved. What reason is there not to use it?

I have a similar issue with the authenticator. If i get disconnected and have to log back in I type my info in but the prompt for the authenticator code doesn’t appear in game but it appears fine the the Battle.net mobile app. I accept the log in but nothing happens in game just a loading circle . I have a screenshot of what it does but I don’t know how to upload it. Any help would be appreciated. Especially since I don’t know if it is just Reforged (where this happens) or with the Battle.net mobile app itself.

In the case where I get disconnected, I just quit the game and re-launch from the app so there’s no need to use the in-game login prompt. I can’t remember my details right half the time anyway since I use the social media login on the website and just have the login info saved on the bnet app. Don’t get me wrong, it should work and it’s stupid that it doesn’t, but it isn’t that much hassle to just reload the game. In fact it’s probably a good idea to do it now and then anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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