I bought the original game I want a refund


I bought WC3 last year as a digital download. Now Blizz decides to do a WC3 Reforged which is their choice - fine. What is NOT OK is ripping me off by expecting me to pre-purchase the same game for £24.99. In the meantime denying me access to the game I have recently purchased! This has to be the most underhand way of forcing loyal - and I mean I have been with Blizz for 18 years - customers to buy a reworked game I own I have ever come across. Not cool at all.

I don’t care how good Reforged is going to be denying existing players access to WC3 is wrong and I can think of no other company who has ever pulled such a stunt. And in UK consumer law you are denying me access to a product I paid for so I want a refund. I never played WC3 multiplayer was happy playing the different solo campaigns so can see no reason why this stunt was pulled.


What do you mean? You can still access WC3. I’ve been playing it all night and I haven’t preordered yet. What’s preventing you from playing the game you purchased last year?


When I go in the only button I have is pre-purchase instead of the Play button


Go in to where? It’s not on the Battle-dot-net client program, you have to download it from the website


the “reforged” in bnet app is just reforged and will come out next year. To play wc3 you still have to do it in the old fashin way by downloading the client and clicking on the exe icon.
Did you ask yourself why on 1.30.2 the download link still makes you download the client instead of asking you to do so from bnet app?


Before whining, make sure you have looked at the options you have and know what you are talking about.

You need to download the installer, the link is on the pinned 1.30.2 Patch Notes thread