I’ve never made a hate post before


I’m going to preface this with the fact that I have never in my 31 years of life and however long I’ve been on your forums or anyone’s forums felt the need to write something of this nature. However, I’ve never been so disappointed in my life from your company. I will also say I’ve played your games since the release of diablo, on a very competitive level.

You were the only PC gaming company I purchased games from, and for good reason. When you released any game, I didn’t need to even read reviews or have expectations. It was guaranteed to be the best game of the year.

Fast forward to now. To today. You promised a game by 12/31/2019. You took people’s money on that very promise and flopped. You delayed the release, which is fine. But now, you shorted everyone on the content.

I’m not going to go on about how shady this is, or what the games lacking. You know damn well what you did, and what you did was take the money of honest, hard working people and didn’t provide anything close to what you promised. You didn’t even provide the bare minimum from what was in the game you “remastered.”

As a competitive player, I have no interest in the campaign. I like to see my stats. I like to work to upgrade my portrait. I like matchmaking that at least tries to match you with someone (you could have just stolen someone else’s algorithm for MM instead of stealing my money, but I’ll give you a “break” on that since you mentioned ladder wouldn’t be available). But no stats? So we have custom games, and campaign.

Blizzard. I have absolutely no tolerance for people who lie to me and others. Today you lost my trust. You can keep my money, as I learn from my mistakes.

I just wanted to leave you a goodbye letter, thanking you for all the amazing time I had in the past. But you’re not Blizzard anymore. You’re a body of liars who will do anything they can to steal our money.

Get your act together please. Actually, just find a new hobby. Games, community, and overall service is no longer your passion. You suck. You’re a fraud. You deserve nothing but to flop at this point. I’m not going to be a part of it, nor will a lot of people. I just hope there are enough of these topics that get made so that you realize how horrible you’ve become, and either look in the mirror and change for the next generation, or go bankrupt. Either way, I won’t look back. I don’t care anymore, but since you’ve provided me with so much fun in my life, I figured you deserved at least to hear my goodbye.


Adam Fink


Bobby Kotick can eat a pile of turds.


Just straightup pulled an EA on us


I don’t remember ea breaking an old game that used to be good.


For the longest time EA has been the most hated game developer; all the sleazy things the pulled in various game. No game developer could sink so low to their level; Blizzard turn around and said “hold my beer, I got this”.


This is the first time I refunded a blizzard game… it is embarrasing the state of Warcraft III: Reforged launched. Broken promisses, conection issues, low fps models… it’s a mess


I didn’t even care about the Diablo Immortal thing, but this is remastering a game that many of us know very well, with the intensions of keeping it as true to the original as possible, which is fine. A better UI, and so on would be super cool too! But to have so many things from the classic version not even in the remaster after a delay in launch, AND NO COMMUNICATION is beyond me.

This behavior signifies the fact that they only wanted our money. Once they had it, they don’t care as long as they release something. They should really rename their company if it stays afloat because this is no longer worthy of the name Blizzard.


True but they do take a franchise and make it worse every release. (Mass effect, BF2, battlefield)


Same with my 5 RL friends that were so excited to start playing today. We haven’t been playing and have been waiting for today because stats count now, expect they don’t, because they don’t exist. Not to mention matches are still bugging and not loading. They all put in a refund for the first time, and have all been here from WC to Diablo to WoW to now…


I wish they could give original blizzard a stack of cash to come fix this mess. The blizzard we all remember and love.


check out bonfire studios. Rob Pardo the director on the original’s company.


Will do. Thank you!


Done giving these clowns my money.


morgan webb works for them too :smiley:


I hope Samwise, Brian, and Chris (Sigaty and Metzen) join there too


They probably left because they realized that the rest of the people on the team don’t share the passion that they do for video games. The culture is no longer the same. I guess based on that, maybe we should have seen this coming -.- I just didn’t want it to happen. It’s like being married to someone for that long and finding out they’re actually just a liar and a cheat. I have never owned a game for PC that wasn’t a Blizzard game because of how masterfully done they were and how much time they had me spending, having fun with all my friends.

If anything, maybe we can start really tracking them all down and support TRUE PASSIONATE PEOPLE who do things from their heart. You can’t put the passion into people with anything. You have it or you don’t. Let’s go find all of the old developers and give them our money, not these thieves…


Sad, sad state of affairs. Instead of saying “Sorry guys we let you down but we are working on fixing this” you can just picture them all counting our money and laughing instead.

I also have never refunded a Blizzard game but this will be my first.


for real. F*** blizzard now. Bring old bliz back for the love of god. After posting RECORD PROFITS they can’t fix a few bugs when given over A YEAR EXTRA of development time??? WOW


This is not a hate post. This is a rational post.


The name Blizzard is what is keeping this damn company afloat. Some of us will naively think that this time around they are going to deliver and pull a Blizzard. The Blizzard that we know as old-timers is long gone. The body is snatched by a parasitic corporation that is still leeching off of the legacy of a few people that either called it quits or are leaving or are thinking about leaving. Yes, like you, I am thanking those people whom through their blood and sweat, delivered to me my awesome childhood memories. But we have to come to terms and just stop giving them our money.

J Allen Brack starts reading,

*Woody Harrelson wiping tears with money picture

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