Huge Amounts of Non-existent Losses Recorded


My profile is randomly showing 130+ lost games that never actually occurred. My MMR seems to be adjusting correctly but my win rate was reduced to close to 1% because of these random ghost losses. I went from around 10-15 losses to 150+ seemingly out of nowhere and some wins have not been getting recorded either.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I really hope it gets fixed since the match history data seems to be there

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The Blizzard ladder is completely broken. Try using W3Champions.

Same problems here i get like 500 hundreds “ghost” losses that just appeared in rt 2v2 and 4v4… i don’t even play these games, what happened? Is it temporary?

All I want to say is feel free to complete the acquisition and let these idiots all roll.

Over 580 Non-Existant losses. Please fix this issue.

Hi Yes, one recent loss caused my record to drop from 98-150 to 98-367. The ranking system has also failed to credit some wins and losses too, but it seems to exclude wins more often than losses.

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Any update from Blizzard on this? I have 120+ ghost losses, they really need to reset the stats or do something to fix this. I don’t want my profile permanently messed up

exactly same issue

I haven’t played in a year since having 130+ fake losses was so discouraging. Has this been fixed yet? I opened a ticket with Blizzard support but still nothing has been done. They said I had to post on the forums which I already tried so I’m doing that again.