How old are you? On Warcraft 3


Hello! Post here some screenshots! To prove you are a very old player on Warcraft 3. Let’s start to be old, sit on a bench, and start to talk about memories.

I have a old maps’s folder, with 500+ maps, from 2003 (date when I started to play online) to 2017! (When I stopped Warcraft 3 </3), but, can’t post any link or image :frowning:
PS: I still love Sniper Elite and Footmen


i played wc2 in 1990s


Curse of time; Plains Of Medea.


My Download folder has 2000 files and oldest are from 18 october 2003, I assume it’s my Bnet creation date.

But before I go on Bnet I played Warcraft III solo, I found my first editor made maps modification dates january/february ‎2003.


i downloaded custom maps long ago but, that data was never transferred, as my harddrive crashed. my current pc is around 5 years old and i have not played that much lately because of the bots. i played warcraft 1 on a 386 without sound card. it was very slow. i did not even have a pc that could handle warcraft 2 when i got it(still had my 386 i believe).


Idk how long it been since the “primetime”. Tried go on W3R but as of my knowledge they don’t have any replays left from that time on their site. It will probable be somewhere in 2004(?). All I can remember was that it was before TH became mainstream.


I started Warcraft 2 around 98-2000, and bought Warcraft 3 when it was released…
I discover WoW with the trailed inside the CD of Warcraft 3


My Warcraft 3 career was mostly custom games and was pretty much on board from day 1, as a kid.

My download folders aren’t that big though, replacing computers several times from the olden days to the present.


I started to play Wc3 some time around 2005 but I cant recall any “old maps”. I was pretty casual and it wasnt until 2008 when DOTA got me hooked that I began to play custom maps a lot.
I played Starcraft as a kid tho around 1998-2002 pretty much every weekend when my parents allowed me to connect to our 56k modem, and I can definetly remember those maps :slight_smile:


2009 fifth year in school


I remember getting an old gaming magazine that had the reveal of the Night Elves for the first time in it. My dad wound up picking it up off a rack somewhere because he saw Warcraft was on the cover.

I don’t think we got the game necessarily at launch, but near enough to when it came out. Our Macintosh at the time handled it relatively well (except for custom games or large scale melee matches).


I remember looking forward to the WC2 expansion pack and hearing there would be more than 2 races. I wondered if one of them would be demons