How many ppl are not able to play wc3 after the patch?

Please lets unite here so that we may have solve the problem together, whether u are stuck at the loading screen or the game crashes when starting. I am sick of Blizzard support saying nonsense, because they just can do anything about it right now.


I am able to run the game, but when I try multiplayer nothing. I left it on 3 times for 20 mins and NO MATCHES happened. I tried doing ranked and unranked. I am not sure what the deal is. I have tried this over a few days. But I cannot play the game because it wont match me for whatever reason. This game has been a waste of money for the amount of bugs and crashes.

I can’t play in offline mode or online mode. I can log on just fine. Can scroll threw custom games, can look at my profile…can do EVERYTHING just fine except for when I join a game, my mouse drags really slow and the screen is choppy. I’ve done everything to try and fix it and i just can’t move properly…It’s unplayable since the update**

Same issue - pre-patch could get games in 1-2 mins, now I’ve tried every game type, different times of day up to 30 mins searching and nothing. I play with three other mates and we are all facing the same issue. I have a pretty strong suspicion this is at least partially location based as we’re all in Australia and I’ve seen another post on this forum from an Australian with the exact same issue

i play war3 sometimes for bnet rank 4v4, and the search times are nearly instant. on leaderboard there’s a person that has over 3 million wins. its a funny glitch by blizzard, so I suggest going for w3champions.

i am stuck at loading screen right now (lion head gate). then it says there was an error in handling request.

Yes, same issue for me(

entro al juego para jugar partidas de Dota y siempre que encuentro juego se cierra el war3 a los 3 minutos. no hay forma de que juegue una partida de warcraft III

I can’t play because of the patch alway fps drop

I get a black screen with only audio and the human mouse cursor after the lion gate when WC3 launches.


Close this thread as it’s made up of many different issues that may not be bugs but problems that require troubleshooting. As for known issues please check out our known issues thread Here. If you need help please start your own thread.

For Black screens and performance issues, check out our performance troubleshooting steps Here.

“There Was An Error In Handling The Request” generally means you don’t own the game or the Desktop app can’t connect to our Authentication servers to check, try troubleshooting the connection Here then contact our support team Here if the issue continues.

Thank you.