How do I change/install a language to WC3?


There’s currently two things I’m trying to do:

  1. Change the language of my WC3 client to a different language (EN -> KR)

  2. Enable the option to switch between languages while typing. For example, I want to be able to type in both Korean and English in-game, but at the moment, I can only type in English.

I’ve been reading through older threads regarding users with similar situations, but I’m struggling to understand their solution. I tried deleting all Bnet/Blizzard related files from the registry, but I still don’t get any kind of option to change my language on startup. What am I supposed to do?


This will be changed from the BattleNet application side once Reforged is released. Like one can do for all other Blizzard games such as Heroes of the Storm or StarCraft II.

Until then you may have to reinstall Warcraft III, or at least run the installer again if that is possible.

I would hope this is fixed with Reforged. They need to add Unicode support to remove the requirement of switching windows code pages between languages. This would also allow all client languages to see all glyphs rather than nonsense graphics if all font packs are provided.