Hotfix of June 17, 2024 broke the cooldown on items

hotfix of June 17, 2024 broke the cooldown on items. E.G. if you buy 2 rods of necromancy or two any other cooldown items and try to pass one of them after use to the other hero, the cooldown will be applied to all items from the 1st hero.

Same for invulnerability potions: if you have two items and used 1 of them, you can’t pass it to the other hero and you’ll lose it because of this bug. Items should have separate CD


It was an intended change. You could simply pass the item back to bypass the cooldown, which is massively abuseable.

You can’t say it broke anything when it was a deliberate change lol.

Don’t get me wrong, this update is pretty dubious, with the changes to matchmaking which will make a lot of people upset. But an intended change is not a “break.”

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It was intended for items like Rod and Wand with multiple charges. Highly doubt it was intended to single-charge items like Heal pot.

Imagine scenario. You have 2 heroes with 2 heal pots each. You use heal pot 1 on hero 1. Cooldown starts. Then you gave heal pot 2 from hero 1 to hero 2. Now on hero 2 you have 2 heal pots without cooldown and 3rd heal pot with cooldown. Atleast its very strange.


No you couldn’t simply pass the item back; charged items still had cooldown on a per hero basis. If a hero uses invul, that hero cannot use another invul for the entire cooldown of the item, even if he gets passed one from another hero.

The “bug” (probably mistake, at the very least janky mechanic) here is that other items of the same type as the item used should not go on ‘global’ cooldown just by virtue of being in the same inventory as the item used. The item used should not be reusable, and a single hero should still be unable to use any items of the same type during his own cooldown period. But different item on a different hero, I don’t see a reason why this shouldn’t work just fine - and it does already work as long as you manage inventory right and don’t have the other version of the same item in the same inventory when it’s used, it’s just really janky now.

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No, it wasn’t an intended change.
According to Blizzard themselfs, these are charged items.


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It was an intended change, as listed in the patch notes. However, it has since been reverted, as indicated in the most recent hotfix notes. You don’t revert a bug, you revert a change you made deliberately.