Honestly everyone take a break from WC3


Like trust in their words stop arguing ; YES the game is fkd but lets see and wait.

Honestly im interested in Reforged. Do something else lmao.

So im going away for a few months I encourage you all to take a break from WC3.


AT is dead
ROC is dead
Custom games are dead
The world editor is dead
“you guys need to chill”


Kind of sounds like me.

Granted, we’re still not even 24 hours away from the patch dropping. And it’s a patch for an older game where they’re digging into not just numerical balancing but also the code and whatnot.

So it’s not entirely unsurprising to see some stuff go awfully sideways, but is still a bummer to see it’s giving them this much trouble.


You’re asking us to trust somebody that released 1.30 and caused the game to be unplayable for 1.30 for 3 whole months. Now they’re doing the same with 1.31 and we have to wait who knows how long? Yeah no, people should be loud and clear about this. The devs need to hear how bad this patch really is. At some point they will run the players dry of their goodwill and players will just leave the game


But wtf r theu going to do.

Pete already admitted its hard time they having.

Ranting aint changing sh*t.

All we got 2 do is wait so everyone needs to stf u


I’m surprised you’re still talking about goodwill considering you just lambasted them about 3 months of faulty patching. Isn’t this more a ‘fool me twice’ situation?


Oh no don’t get me wrong i don’t have any goodwill left. I’m still upset about them replacing bothosts with an inferior service. I’m speaking from the eyes of the consumer here. Your average custom game player is willing to let a lot of things slide before they get mad. The people who make maps are the ones that have deal with all the muck though. And i’m pretty mad about it.

Like im not the person to go on forums and criticise, but you can tell by my name that i wasnt very pleased with 1.30.

“Pete already admitted its hard time they having.”
Where was this said? We all know they never communicate with us. If they did they wouldn’t suffer from all this backlash. The fix is simple, roll back the patch until you fix it.


i would take the time to play WoW instead but my machine no longer has the system requirements.


Most people who are playing WC3 are playing waiting for classic. Telling people to wait to play yet another game is not the answer you want to give.


It was the last two of the three paragraphs on the post right at the top.


Ua need 2 chillax hard


I don’t think anyone has a major problem that they are having a hard time updating the game.

But when they take a perfectly functional game, patch it with untested buggy garbage and break everything rather than just working on it longer prior to release, that is a major problem lol


Who said it was perfext?


Before they started dicking around with everything, the following things were working:

-Custom Games
-Map Editor
-Alt tabbing
-Exiting custom games without the game crashing

Now they aren’t.


DotA v6.83d map now causes major freeze when barathum hero uses his ulti on anyone. EVERYONE get freeze and wc3 not responding.

every new patch break something, srsly just shut down wc3 online support and force us switch to reforged like that, this is crossing all lines so far. this are not updates, i mean, even alt tab dosent work anymore without crashing in game. every patch is worse then last one, this is unreal, do u train coding on wc3 , by using it as learning platform? this cant be for real. releasing updates like this that break literally game to the point its not playable, are we ur alpha testers or something???
the amount of broken things already piled up very much, im eager to see just what else can be broken that already isnt in upcoming patches.