HoN in battlenet / W3 Reforged


1)I played HoN from beta to 4 years after launch, so yes I played during its “peak”, it was terrible.

2)“MMR” wasn’t invented by HoN, it was invented for Chess.

3)Both Fortnite and Pubg came out in 2017 so no, 2016? Maybe.

4)Nowadays mobas have a very tiny part of the pc game market (Dota was losing for about 2 years now, only started gaining recently again but it’s because Autochess, those specific players don’t count since they won’t generate revenue for Valve and won’t play the moba) both Dota and league are losing players, in China battle royales have completely taken over mobas in terms of players, lan centers are full of people playing battle royales.

You are also speaking of “casualization” of video games, yet you forget that the only reason why mobas became popular was because kids at the time were too bad to play Strategy games like Starcraft and Warcraft 3, so they started playing Dota, then dota took off and now it’s being replaced for another kids genre, lol.

Please stop.


Okay, I dont wanna make this a trashtalk conversation, but really do you really not see how brilliant HoN was/is? HoN has everything for competitive players as well as “mid wars” for casual mode playing.

btw I played Warcraft 3 TFT and I wasn’t really good player but I enjoyed it a lot. I only played a dozen DotA games but it was great, Warcraft 3 TFT was an amazing game as well as DotA. I remember Grubby/Lucifer and all these pro players. It was best I ever seen even to watch these games. Just HoN took it to another level I can just say HoN is the best game I ever played, leaving aside what they took from Blizzard/Dota. Starcraft and Warcraft are the legendary games for me personally. I put HoN in my top3 of all time best strategic games with huge competitiveness and very skillbased. I can still watch Starcraft replays and enjoy from first second to last second. There is nothing like it, in this genre.


I’m not sure if you’re trolling or not, but “the real DotA” is only DotA. Okay, there’s many versions of DotA for Warcraft III, still every single one of them is a “true” DotA to some extent. Let me show you some examples of what I’m meaning. Do you want the original Defense of The Ancients? Play Eul’s DotA on RoC. Do you want the official sequel? Play Thirst for Gamma. Do you want the map most played by the community? Play DotA Allstars on TFT. Do you want a standalone version of that map endorsed by Eul (Kyle Sommer) himself ? Play Dota 2. Do you prefer the older versions of DotA maps released for Warcraft III? Play those. Almost every old map would work on WC3 Reforged, or would work with minimal changes, Blizzard said.

You know, all mobas originated from Warcraft 3 Dota but this is DOTA+++++

Dota 2 too has many improvements over DotA. And if you want different, faster games, there’s League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm. And Smite if you want even a different point of view of the battle.

And it got f*cked because bad management company. HoN was THE moba in 2012/2013/2014 until Dota2 came.

Sadly, that’s utterly false. League of Legends, released in 2009, in 2012 was already the most played game in the genre by far. Also, in 2012 was pretty simple to get access to the Dota 2 beta and a lot of people already played it. In mid 2013 it was released and according to Steam stats it was already the second most played MOBA/ARTT in the World at that time.

But Dota2 is nowhere near quality of HoNs unique avatars/gameplay/competition.

That’s your own opinion.

Its just the REAL Dota.

There’s no “imaginary” DotA either.

I think Blizzard should buy copyrights,

No need for that: they already owns all the copyrights for the «real» DotA characters (more like: the Warcraft characters, because last time I checked DotA was based on them).

they can knock out Dota2.

Like they did with HotS? Also, the one to knock out is the most played game in the genre: League of Legends. Dota 2 is “just” in the second place.

Just it needs to be balanced,

Right! Something easy to do to begin with, and that Blizzard has been able to do for every single one game of their own except Brood War (oops, it’s more likely the contrary!).

the ranking balance is joke now with unlimited accounts, endless cycles of stat abusers and bad management made this game like “dead”

HoN became “dead” the very moment it was put up for sale when instead League of Legends was free to play. See what happened to Fortnite and PUBG.

Now it isnt just me, but dota2 and lol look like a bad joke compared to HoN xd

The bad joke is a videogame that started as a standalone version of DotA but that was then dumped by IceFrog. I hope that Garena/Frostburn Studios are managing better Heroes of Newerth than S2 did. Said by a guy that enjoyed a lot Strife before they abandoned it.


You forgot (if you know HoN well) that this game was quite huge until a few months ago. It was very popular in SEA-region. But well, we have differecent perception of what is good and what not. I think its gonna be fun to see what the custom game/mod section can do. We can set up a new moba that people get hooked onto. We don’t even need ranks or competitiveness (if they dont want to invest) , the community can do it without Blizzard even so. I hope W3 Reforged will be good simply because I dont like the other mobas out there.

Yes it was indeed free2play model LoL and later Dota2 so, HoN cost 30 dollars back in the days but it was made free 2 play quickly after. Although I think from gameplay perspective its better to “buy” an account rather than spam a free account. In HoN this endless smurfing/unlimited account creating and then stomping in low brackets is killing the game for 2 years, sadly. They don’t do anything about it. This make a lot of players currently abandon the game and definitely doesnt attract new players when you are up against veterans with 1000s of games grouping up. This is a disaster for the game, for the few 1000 players we have left so, I just hope W3 will have good custom game editor and maybe they can provide/help a bit, at least.


In Hon I remember when it all started. They started to change hon into casual game from removing the ability to kill enemy courier.Adding tons of crap under looking avatars.Then they changed from realistic graphics to cartonnish changing jungle which is complete KO to the game.
Hon would be bigger if they stay to original Dota 1
Now we have to wait and belive for Dota Reforged to be trully succesor of Dota 1.Prey guys,we need new matchmaking system region support and all new staff in dota reforged.


At this point I’m not sure if you’re purposefully doing that. Calling it “Dota Reforged”. Warcraft is not Dota.


“We don’t even need ranks or competitiveness (if they dont want to invest) , the community can do it without Blizzard even so”

You do need Stats and Bans, if u want any Moba to be successful it needs to be organized. And No the community cant Do it without Blizzard,
bots are Disabled. You can read my thread for Dota Reforge


I never used bots when I played DOTA in War3.


But guys Dota Reforged needs new simple better matchmaking system.We can’t just sit and use old system.You have to think about how the new interface will look for fast matchmaking games.


Said a HoN player lolz

Actually, it will. It might. We do need fusion before billions starve, but if we do get controlled fusion energy, Dota2 will be played in space on emulators hundreds of years from now. The downside is that you will be regarded as of the Russian ethnicity xD

Watch Isaac Arthur.

The birds are chirping outside
Reforged Beta is out on 7
Retera is a cool hacker


I think Blizzard should indeed make a WC3:Reforged version of a MOBA, but it should be Heroes of the Storm with a different approach. Instead of a communist style game design where XP is shared and individuality is minimal, make it more like the original post said - Heroes of Newerth (HoN).

They don’t need a bunch of items, keep everything simple and LESS ruthless than HoN and DoTA. Wouldn’t require too much effort. I assume Blizzard will not do this and instead leave it up to the people to make such a game with the new upcoming World Editor.


I doubt too.Probably Blizzard won’t do thing about this.I even doubt they got someone with balls to know how to bring the gameplay, fascination,fanatism, beauty and to make your heartbeat again.


Man you really should not pull out random numbers. And try to use sources when you make posts.

No, play custom map Dota or any other. Blizzard has their Moba already and it’s called Heroes of the Storm.


well maybe moba lost a share of the market, maybe a big share.
But we should set the standards here with Blizzard and create real/competitive games but also accesible to “noobs” in contradiction to hon, that doesnt really encourage noobs to try and play because lack of balance and everything.
And HotS well, I played it a for a few hours, not saying its a bad game but its not moba as I am from the Starcraft/Warcraft generation.
I mean, kids are the future but lets teach kids to play good games and not casual crab :stuck_out_tongue:


Heroes of Newerth , aka the best moba ever


This is the first time I saw anyone call HotS a crab. I feel humiliated as never before.



[Tchado]: Heroes of Newerth , aka the best moba ever

You mean was good and no longer is.


No , I mean the only Moba I actually like…that’s all


2010 HON graphics where superior, 2018 graphics seem alike dota 2 but more haotic. 2010 hon maybe could be good, like LOL 2010-2014 but then every game take a diffrend path for no reason and they lose their styles, now everything has girly-graphics and unbalanced system, the only way to make a good MOBA is to let it be free for develop, so when the game starts beeing diffrend and users dont like the new version ,to be easy to switch to an older version like wc3 patches. so yes if blizzard let us have some extra options about autocast a spell without rightclicking , centre the camera,and more , the path will open and we could have moba games without someoneabsolutely control them,the community will be the members of the develop and if they dislike something they good play something older,or develop it to something better.


HoN is the best moba I’ve ever played.
Wish it was free on launch and S2 wasn’t so bad at promoting it.