HoN in battlenet / W3 Reforged


Hey guys,

I’ve been playing Blizzard games since the Starcraft 1 era, lots of Warcraft 3 TFT and a little bit Dota.
Nowadays the moba market controls 75 % of the PC gaming industry, estimated.
I have been playing HoN (which was very popular between 2011 and 2015, after Dota2 release the game went slowly downhill. They (Frostburn/S2 games) sold the copyright to Garena an Asian gaming company. But somehow things got screwed up, bad management and our NA/EU community is almost finished. But HoN is like the real Dota1, its a great game with huge potential. I already opened a ticket but they told me to maybe propose an idea here.

Can we get a moba in Warcraft 3 Reforged, similar to HoN?
Or, even better, maybe Blizzard can talk with Garena and buy the rights so they would have HoN and they could make this game great again, I am absolutely sure this game hon still has huge potential because its unique, and it is very similar to Dota1. Since Dota is not under Blizzards ownership anymore, and HoTS is not really very popular, I would maybe suggest that we can get a moba in Warcraft 3 reforged, I dont know if I could speak with any of the management/developers in Blizzard.

Because HoN got the potential just , lack of advertising/marketing/poor decisions made the game imbalanced and not interesting for competitive game anymore, lots of abuse/smurfing etc.
HoN is in the same style as Dota1 just, better graphics/its very unique/very competitive (in essense it was very competitive), lets just say HoN was the best moba, it still is in my opinion it just needs some balancing and more advertising and you have a potential game to knock out Dota2/LoL maybe that is just a theory.

If this would not be realistic, can we as community create another great moba like Dota1/HoN? Blizzard doesn’t owe Valve anything, they took their moba to Valve and , I dont hate Valve, its just not my style, i cannot get used to Dota2 graphics/gameplay/sound etc.
I already learned that some former Frostburn/S2 games employees are working at Blizzard so, Blizzard got money/large community/resources/networking to launch a great game. Maybe it can be in Warcraft 3 Reforged implemented.

It’s just an idea, Idk how good the W3 Reforged engine will be, but with HoN you would have a good competing product/game compared to Dota2/LoL. That game just needs balance, and better management and we can set the new standard for moba.

If they would make a great moba in Warcraft 3 Reforged, I think it could be a massive success, in contrary to Sc1 remastered, which is barely alive in NA/EU, I dont know why but thats the reality.


It would be nice if some Blizzard managers/developers would look into this, I’m sure you know HoN and you have employees in your company already (from what I’ve heard), so there is a chance to create something great, with enormous potential, HoN now has gone downhill pretty hard over the past 2/3 years. If you would make a similar moba / or just try to buy the rights of HoN, you have a great moba with some bad outdated engine (graphics are great though), but there are solutions/fixes for that. If anyone ay blizzard could pick this up and maybe show to colleagues/owners of Blizzard, they might be interested. Im not looking for fame or money I just want a good moba (+ I want W3 not to be the same condition Starcraft Remastered is)


am i an uncultured idiot if i say that idk what HoN is/stads for?


HoN is not the first standalone Moba. DemiGod was released before HoN.
Based on wiki HoN was released 2010 while DemiGod was released 2009.


Here: This is HoN.

In other terms, THE REAL DOTA. You know, all mobas originated from Warcraft 3 Dota but this is DOTA+++++ And it got f*cked because bad management company. HoN was THE moba in 2012/2013/2014 until Dota2 came. But Dota2 is nowhere near quality of HoNs unique avatars/gameplay/competition. Its just the REAL Dota. I think Blizzard should buy copyrights, they can knock out Dota2. Just it needs to be balanced, the ranking balance is joke now with unlimited accounts, endless cycles of stat abusers and bad management made this game like “dead”

Now it isnt just me, but dota2 and lol look like a bad joke compared to HoN xd


i play HoN for 2 years and i feel it too (Devo and DW was my main punishers :smiley: ), BUT in HoN we dont see nothing original, its just DOTA1 with skins for heros and abilites = thats ALL. And this is the main reason HoN die, DOTA2 is just make it happen faster. BTW i rly like the game before “CIS incident” but all games have its own period of shine and “time to die” thing. HoN is dead, u need to deal with it.


Yes, I understand it. But some games live forever like Starcraft, Counter-Strike and more titles. They survived 20 years.
I think HoN has more to offer than any moba and the graphics/gameplay/fun value is phenomenal. Now that Dota2 is going on for a while, HoTs is not being played much and since Dota originated within Blizzard, why not create a new moba? Dota2 won’t last forever either but I know what you mean.
I think Blizzard should make a great moba like a HoN/Dota1 combination, or buy HoN’s copyrights. I know there are people who created HoN are already working at Blizzard, maybe they can implement something with the new W3 engine. Or maybe completely separated from Warcraft. These other mobas nowadays I totally dislike and I think many think so. Is it not worth the “risk”? Or they have other things to put resources on right now. Just would be bad if W3 Reforged would be left like the re-release of Starcraft (that I don’t understand either how Starcraft 1 has no EU/NA community.)

O btw I disagree with you totally about HoN, it was huge success in 2012/2015 era, with over 550.000 paid accounts and 170.000 players online average. The game looks amazing, everything sounds unique, every hero/avatar/announcer is so original. This game was just PERFECT in every way. Also balance used to be good, and it had EVERYTHING that Dota1 missed. Dota1 was an old engine and very outdated by nowadays standards but HoN on the contrary looks just great. They did great updates but since 2 years HoN is in massive decline. But if people don’t like it okay, but for me it is clearly best moba ever. Better than DotA allstars. There is no other moba that has all these abilities and character/soul/animations/sound everything. Everything that Dota 2 misses. Character and soul.

HoN was really not just a DOta1 with better graphics, they took it to a whole new level with all kinds of stuff/avatars/good interface/communication options. Dota2 is just bad, it looks bad, it doesn’t excite me at all. It looked more like HoN with every year, btw they stole everything from HoN like the announcers/avatars and that stuff, that is all copied from HoN so, No HoN was not just an upgraded DOta. It was THE new Dota. But Dota2 is just because of marketing and advertising this is how they took over, not because it is better (I still dislike Dota2, can’t help it). Looks bad, sounds bad, balance may be good but I just think its a bad HoN rip-off if you ask me Xd


HoN is dead and burried.

It was a really great game. The thing is, one of the reasons it succeeded is because S2 had the permission from Icefrog to import DotA heroes, that’s why the game died when D2 came out.

A lot of ppl, me included, wanted to see the majority (if not all) of the DotA heroes into HoN, thus then DotA2 came out, the majority just switched games naturally (and most importantly the competitive scene switched games en masse).

DotA2 was a worse game than HoN when it cames out imo (fackin delay…) but for this kind of game, you just want to compete with/against a maximum of ppl and so HoN died because of the decline of its population (besides others reasons obv.)


there are different reasons you are right, but Dota2 release was the main reason. Everyone just migrated, the whole competitive scene moved, for reasons unknown (marketing/advertising/networking) and then the majority follows and dota2 attracts new players (or well did so in past year) while in HoN only veterans playing and die-hards therefore the game didn’t die, but also poor management from Frostburn and Garena. I do have to accept the fate of HoN and something like this will maybe never come again. Or maybe, who knows what plans ahead. I always liked Blizzard they should never let that guy take off with his own mod (it was Blizzard who provided everything). I hope W3 Reforged will surprise us all, it’s not so much about the graphics they should take HoN’s graphics as example but I know barely anything about what theyre doing and what their engine is capable of. :frowning:


Mobas don’t “control 75% of the pc gaming market” those are shooters, CSGO, battlefront 2, battlefield, call of duty, pubg, fortnite, Apex legends, and so on.

Fortnite has twice the subscribers on twitch than league and league has been there for way longer, which shows it.

HoN was a failure since its inception, it was a failed dota clone where Icefrog worked at for a bit until he left for Valve, the heroes were terrible, the engine was terrible, courier management, micro management, everything in that game was terrible.


I made a MOBA map in Warcraft 3 here in 20 or so minutes and was playing it by the end of the video, as a response to this post. I don’t think you have to be worried about whether Blizzard or other people can make a MOBA map in Warcraft 3: Reforged.


Mobas are a niche part of the market today, nothing like what ot was in the early mid '10s.

I mean honestly, if Blizzard was able to buy other game properties to add to WC3, HoN would be pretty low on my list.


Well I liked HoN when I played it many years back in time… :]


I dont think you played HoN…When it was in its glorious time it was on every major tournament, it is the best moba of all times. Still is, only dead now.
am not even going to say anything about fortnite that game looks like disneyland, I dont play disneyland games XD it looks like the looney tunes. HoNs graphical engine may not have been so efficient, but at least it looks just GREAT, raw, like Blizzard oldschool style but with some better graphics. Also Frostburn/Garena created several heroes they didnt just copy Dota thats ridiculous. They were the ones who invented the great MMR system and the great announcers and avatars and everything that made the game legendary. That was not Icefrog or Valve, they just copied the good stuff from HoN and got away with it. For me this Icefrog and Valve dont exist anymore. They only stole the HoN stuff. Also make comparison between Dota2 (in 2015) and then compare it every year again to HoN. Seems that they kept stealing/copying stuff because I saw what they were doing. And still dota2 just feels/looks boring.

And yes moba controlled 75% of PC game market in 2017. Maybe less now. But still a great part though. Therefore RTS genre don’t exist anymore. I liked the idea to go play a shooter again but then I realized that all FPS franchises were ruined because its become too casual and the themes are just not quite brilliant. They could have huge inspiration for making some great themes around shooters but they are too scared over controversy, so they make it more casual like so their games wont get banned in other countries…gaming market 2019…i think im too old for this generation


1)I played HoN from beta to 4 years after launch, so yes I played during its “peak”, it was terrible.

2)“MMR” wasn’t invented by HoN, it was invented for Chess.

3)Both Fortnite and Pubg came out in 2017 so no, 2016? Maybe.

4)Nowadays mobas have a very tiny part of the pc game market (Dota was losing for about 2 years now, only started gaining recently again but it’s because Autochess, those specific players don’t count since they won’t generate revenue for Valve and won’t play the moba) both Dota and league are losing players, in China battle royales have completely taken over mobas in terms of players, lan centers are full of people playing battle royales.

You are also speaking of “casualization” of video games, yet you forget that the only reason why mobas became popular was because kids at the time were too bad to play Strategy games like Starcraft and Warcraft 3, so they started playing Dota, then dota took off and now it’s being replaced for another kids genre, lol.

Please stop.


Okay, I dont wanna make this a trashtalk conversation, but really do you really not see how brilliant HoN was/is? HoN has everything for competitive players as well as “mid wars” for casual mode playing.

btw I played Warcraft 3 TFT and I wasn’t really good player but I enjoyed it a lot. I only played a dozen DotA games but it was great, Warcraft 3 TFT was an amazing game as well as DotA. I remember Grubby/Lucifer and all these pro players. It was best I ever seen even to watch these games. Just HoN took it to another level I can just say HoN is the best game I ever played, leaving aside what they took from Blizzard/Dota. Starcraft and Warcraft are the legendary games for me personally. I put HoN in my top3 of all time best strategic games with huge competitiveness and very skillbased. I can still watch Starcraft replays and enjoy from first second to last second. There is nothing like it, in this genre.


I’m not sure if you’re trolling or not, but “the real DotA” is only DotA. Okay, there’s many versions of DotA for Warcraft III, still every single one of them is a “true” DotA to some extent. Let me show you some examples of what I’m meaning. Do you want the original Defense of The Ancients? Play Eul’s DotA on RoC. Do you want the official sequel? Play Thirst for Gamma. Do you want the map most played by the community? Play DotA Allstars on TFT. Do you want a standalone version of that map endorsed by Eul (Kyle Sommer) himself ? Play Dota 2. Do you prefer the older versions of DotA maps released for Warcraft III? Play those. Almost every old map would work on WC3 Reforged, or would work with minimal changes, Blizzard said.

You know, all mobas originated from Warcraft 3 Dota but this is DOTA+++++

Dota 2 too has many improvements over DotA. And if you want different, faster games, there’s League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm. And Smite if you want even a different point of view of the battle.

And it got f*cked because bad management company. HoN was THE moba in 2012/2013/2014 until Dota2 came.

Sadly, that’s utterly false. League of Legends, released in 2009, in 2012 was already the most played game in the genre by far. Also, in 2012 was pretty simple to get access to the Dota 2 beta and a lot of people already played it. In mid 2013 it was released and according to Steam stats it was already the second most played MOBA/ARTT in the World at that time.

But Dota2 is nowhere near quality of HoNs unique avatars/gameplay/competition.

That’s your own opinion.

Its just the REAL Dota.

There’s no “imaginary” DotA either.

I think Blizzard should buy copyrights,

No need for that: they already owns all the copyrights for the «real» DotA characters (more like: the Warcraft characters, because last time I checked DotA was based on them).

they can knock out Dota2.

Like they did with HotS? Also, the one to knock out is the most played game in the genre: League of Legends. Dota 2 is “just” in the second place.

Just it needs to be balanced,

Right! Something easy to do to begin with, and that Blizzard has been able to do for every single one game of their own except Brood War (oops, it’s more likely the contrary!).

the ranking balance is joke now with unlimited accounts, endless cycles of stat abusers and bad management made this game like “dead”

HoN became “dead” the very moment it was put up for sale when instead League of Legends was free to play. See what happened to Fortnite and PUBG.

Now it isnt just me, but dota2 and lol look like a bad joke compared to HoN xd

The bad joke is a videogame that started as a standalone version of DotA but that was then dumped by IceFrog. I hope that Garena/Frostburn Studios are managing better Heroes of Newerth than S2 did. Said by a guy that enjoyed a lot Strife before they abandoned it.


You forgot (if you know HoN well) that this game was quite huge until a few months ago. It was very popular in SEA-region. But well, we have differecent perception of what is good and what not. I think its gonna be fun to see what the custom game/mod section can do. We can set up a new moba that people get hooked onto. We don’t even need ranks or competitiveness (if they dont want to invest) , the community can do it without Blizzard even so. I hope W3 Reforged will be good simply because I dont like the other mobas out there.

Yes it was indeed free2play model LoL and later Dota2 so, HoN cost 30 dollars back in the days but it was made free 2 play quickly after. Although I think from gameplay perspective its better to “buy” an account rather than spam a free account. In HoN this endless smurfing/unlimited account creating and then stomping in low brackets is killing the game for 2 years, sadly. They don’t do anything about it. This make a lot of players currently abandon the game and definitely doesnt attract new players when you are up against veterans with 1000s of games grouping up. This is a disaster for the game, for the few 1000 players we have left so, I just hope W3 will have good custom game editor and maybe they can provide/help a bit, at least.