Has beta started?


IMO I may be stating the obvious if you have not noticed but…Does it not seem like this is not data mining but instead a bunch of people that got invited into a closed beta under a strict NDA and maybe they are using proxy accounts to tell us about it? Just a thought. :slight_smile:


No officially, but we got it by datamining.


Don’t you think they would have leaked actual gameplay then?


Some leaks are real close to actual gameplay.


Not yet, maybe this Monday we get some news from blizzard. Though I don’t think we’ll get anything from blizzard till blizzcon, they didn’t say anything for 1 year they will wait another 20 days.


“War(craft beta) has started” --Nick Malfuryon


Why would they upload a “final release candidate” 20 days in advance? Seems like a quite lengthy period of time. What if they need to edit something? “Final “Final Release candidate””?


This is just a pure guess, but I think it could be final release candidate of the alpha (i.e. the first beta build or the build right before the first one). On the other hand, I wouldn’t at all be surprised at this point if they just made one beta build and then released the game in a broken state, considering all the recent patches have been broken and remained unfixed for extended periods of time.


i am shocked at the disrespect for blizzard. they will not intentionally release broken content. the last public test realm version of world of warcraft have been going on for possibly months because of lots of bugs. they keep updating it several time a week to fix stuff.


This isn’t WoW and they’ve put out several patches to Warcraft 3 that prove they aren’t taking development of this game seriously.


they are taking it seriously but, they are having trouble getting enough testers on the test realm.