Hardmore The Culling or is this Mythic >.<

Hey so i was wondering if any of you had any tips for this level. I feel kinda stupid but i don’t remember the original being this difficult for hard mode. I’ve watched a few videos on this and it seems (maybe this was fixed in later patches as the videos are 2 and 3 years old now) that no one is getting attacked from the east side and they have a few Knights, upgrades and starting resources before Mal’ganis even spawns. I’ll say this now, i just bought "Reforged"today, but geeeeeees the amount of mobs, and how often they attack your base seems almost impossible to be able to focus on trying to kill more people than Mal. any tips and or tricks would help :slight_smile:

Patch 1.33 contained an overhaul to all three difficulties in the campaign:


As for tips, try keeping a few knights at your home base to defend. Hard is meant to be closer to Brutal from SC2, so that is what you should expect.

I don’t recall how I did that mission but sometimes solving the campaign on hard requires you to play around towers (like lots of towers) and purchasing upgrades to make your units stronger. But some missions make you want to quit.

Try to follow what you saw on the video but see if you can do something differently that increases the odds of solving the mission.

Like Arcitct said, with patch 1.33 they fixed bugs on hard difficulty that made it easier than it should be. The AI is harder and now each goldmine has less gold, like 10k gold each, which forces you to exp sooner than usual so you can’t really sit on your base and play with low income and you have to economize on upgrades and each unit is more valuable now. Frankly, right now campaign on hard mode is just brutal. If you are into a challenge, keep trying but be prepared to restart the missions a couple times :sweat_smile:

Good luck!

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