Hard crashing with 75hz setting with new patch - 60hz is fine

I have a 75hz freesync monitor, and beta had never crashed until last patch. After some annoyance I figured out that was the problem. Played a good 15 rounds since and it’s been fine at 60hz.

Not seeing too much in event viewer on windows either, but every single game it would hard crash (turn off my monitors first and then turn off pc)

I have an am3 8320 and an rx480. The crashes happened on previous drivers, and still with a clean install of adrenalin 2020 optional, windows 7 64bit until I turned it from 75hz to 60hz.

The only thing I kept seeing in event viewer that may be related is event 10:

Event filter with query "SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE TargetInstance ISA "Win32_Processor" AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage > 99" could not be reactivated in namespace "//./root/CIMV2" because of error 0x80041003. Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected.
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Thank you! I saw your reddit post as well! We forwarded off the info to our Compatibility team and they are looking into it. Thanks for the report :slight_smile:

Update: It just happened on 60hz as well.

Not sure what else to try here. This didn’t happen in ~75 rounds before the last patch. It was going strong for about 25-30 rounds after going down to 60hz, but it just hard crashed again. Really hope it gets resolved before release.

I keep seeing posts mentioning turning off occlusion, but maybe that was only an option awhile back since I don’t see that anymore? I can try shadows off, but I’m 99% sure I had it crash like this even with shadows off when the patch first came out.

I’m thinking it might also be only happening on human. This would make sense with all the recent changes to human in the last patch. I play random only, but will be playing human for awhile here to see if that is true.