Grommash Hellscream, Thrall, Samuro (Blade Master) and Orcs designs


Blademaster shouldn’t have muscles as big as Hellscream, reason being because the regular blademaster is supposed to be a samurai, samurai weren’t known for having gigantic muscles.
1)because they were asian.
2)because they were supposed to be really fast in order to use a katana properly, remember that a Katana only has 1 sharp side so you have to do more movement in order to do a secondary slash.


I love reforged Blademaster. There is only one thing about him that bugs me. His katana should be new and shiny just like in classic WC3. Shouldn’t master of blades wield a weapon of the best quality? This broken and black katana from Reforged doesn’t match the character in my opinion and it doesn’t catch an eye like the classic one.


Orc weapons are rougher, they don’t use regular steel.


Blade master from Reforged is fine .

The thing i dont understand why they go BLACK weapon for him ?

And why grunt armor is black ?

And why some orcish building part is black metal ?

The real problem are some humans : Like in mass fight you cant clearly see footman cause it shares similar armor color as knights.

Not to mention ballerine uther, marshmellow armor directly from hots.
And Arthas armor size and face .

And wrong Jaina cape and hood, and black-greyish metal on her boobs. , with stupid village girl face on her.


Yes I know Blademaster shouldn’t have muscles as big as Hellscream. But that his arms be more detailed. And his forearms a little more in harmony with the arms.

By the way I left pictures of Grom where he looks great. Basically is the model used in Warcraft movie and the kinematics of Warlords of Draenor. :wink:


Hots should be the starting point for every character of reforged.


you’re kidding me? i mean i like hots and i think jaina’s model is cute, but for characters like arthas and illidan i really despite how they look like in hots.


Hello Major.

I’m talking about style.

Something can be crap or beautiful in basically any kind of artstyle. It’s not because Arthas look like crap in Hots (he really do) that an another artist can’t do it prettier in the same style.

Quality control != Artstyle.

So much so that I actually find a lot of the current models of reforged beautifully made. My issue with them is that there is a discrepancy between the characters and the environment. And since ingame warcraft graphics were always more ‘cartoony’ flavored, I argue that this stylized treatment should be maintained.


i didn’t know ._.

as for the style of reforged, realism isn’t my favorite but the models don’t look too bad. maybe i’ll get used to it over time.


You are aware that apparently the environment hadn’t been touched for the demo we were shown right? So of course it didn’t mesh well. Unfortunately everything has been pretty silent since the announcement, so we don’t even know how far along they are with that.


They do changed the environment a lot, check your infos before saying anything.

I’m really not worried about what they’re doing now. I’m just pointing my opinion about what was shown. That’s how feedback works: they show us something, we say if we like it or not, and then they change things (or not) based on what they think it’s worthy changing.


the thumbnail got me

S H O O K Arthas


The colors look just too damn bland (in the demo version of Reforged). No contrast or saturation.
Normal Warcraft 3 colors had much more life and expression to them! I really hope they change this and don’t keep it like this for Reforged cuz it really looks washed out.


Not really. According to Pete in an interview around that time, he flat out said that terrain hadn’t really been touched and still required a ton of work. So I think I’ll trust his word here.


Dude, watch the video, LOL


I’ve seen the video dude, but it’s irrelevant when Pete himself said it hadn’t really been touched. That means the bare minimum was probably done for the announcement and it is nowhere near where they want it.


These armchair artist threads where people post random designs from other artists that look much worse, like the HOTS models not only do look bad (almost all) but they also do not fit with reforged’s art style.


The Warcraft 3 equivalent of the Surprised Pikachu face.


why do i feel like this should be a meme?


Samuro looks extremely fresh, love the new design!