Grom Hellscream jaw tattoo issue?


There is a hero portrait of him in the recent datamined leaks and he got just 3 stripes lower jaw tattoo. He supposed to have fully black covered lower jaw? Art director Chris Robinson mentioned 3 stripes jaw tattoo is for his younger version and he is about 45-50 in Reign of Chaos.


Grom face look cool let not start to cry about ever small detail they chnge


I saw this and I’d like to add on.

The face looks really cool, but it is still incorrect lorewise in one other feature. His eyes are orange. Young or not, if he drink the demon blood his eyes should be coloured red. I do like he still has a glow rage-steam thing going on, but its orange just like his lip stripes for some reason.


The full black jaw tattoo is a key feature of Grom and something he is known for. Will be real disappointing if they retcon it. Just because Alternate Grom from Warlords of Draenor didnt have the full tat yet doesnt mean we need to change it because of that. Please Blizz stick with the full jaw tat. I dont see anywhere where it has changed lore wise.


The entire reason Garrosh had his jaw fully tattooed black was to emulate Grom, who has been established in every piece of Warcraft-media, save for the non-canon movie & outsourced art for Chronicle VIII, as having his jaw tattooed entirely black.


Exactly. Almost forgot Garrosh Tattooed his Jaw to mimic his father. God I dont get why they need to retcon this. It makes no sense and kills part of the Grom’s character and also screws Garrosh lore.


We’re not playing rule of cool here. If something is wrong, then they should’ve changed it. Doesn’t matter if it’s cool or not.


you know it have been more then 17 year from WC3 release date and many things have been changed like technology art style …

and from what i see for now that they improve the look of Grom and make him look much better then he was .

about the full black tatto it looked more like a beard not a tatto so smaller is better design,
and about the eye glow it was orange even in the current WC3 in both his icon and animated portrait.


No. Even Garrosh has the black jaw tattoo in imitation of his father. Changing the tattoo would be an outright retcon that would make the story itself inconsistent.

He also looks cooler with a black jaw. He’s had it since Warcraft 2.


Changing the jaw tattoo design somehow changes the whole story? What?

And people call ME ridiculous.


The tattoo itself is part of the story. If he doesn’t have the full black jaw, then why does Garrosh get a full black jaw later?


bro they already changed many other thing then Tattos look at Tyrande hair color and style look at Akama …

is that bad ?
no because they improving manythings in the game and every new model look amazing


The new models might look amazing, but that doesn’t mean that they’re without flaws. With Tyrande and Akama, their modern appearance was outright retconned. With Grom, he was still supposed to have a full black jaw by this point in time.

Besides, a full black jaw looks cooler. It’s what makes Grom look like Grom, and not just any other orc.


What makes Grom look like Grom is his armor, the fact he has Gorehowl, and his hairstyle.

Garrosh can still be inspired by Grom with his jaw tattoo, but he probably would have decided to make it all black as a way to also differentiate himself.

Admit it; you just hate that modern character designs are being incorporated into this because you’re a Classic purist. There’s nothing wrong with that, for the record. It’s just not the purpose of War3 Reforged.


The point is that he was imitating his father. It was not his intent to differentiate himself with it, and the idea of making a full black jaw tattoo into Garrosh’s personal thing disgusts me.


Then go back to Warcraft 3 Classic. Reforged isn’t for you.

I assume you already backed up your copy.


But why shouldn’t Reforged be for me? It’s not like it’d be a hard detail to fix.


Because Reforged isn’t for the people who’ve been playing Warcraft 3 for ages; it’s meant to draw in the WoW players as well, and having Grom with his classic full black jaw would be disconcerting to them.

Maybe if we’re lucky the full black jaw will be a skin.


Why would it be disconcerting? It’s not like WoD Grom was popular or something. Rather, he was a joke.


You’d be surprised.

You may not have liked WoD or the movie, but plenty of people did. And Grom was INSTANTLY recognizable in the movie because of how closely he resembled the WoD version, since that’s what most people knew him from.

You’d have more cause to complain if they used his TBC model as a reference.