Game won't launch

When i go to launch the game it seams to take a while before it does anything then it finally launches at a black screen that immediatly freezes and crashes if i click or do anything and prompts me to either end task now or wait for program to load witch is never does.

I’ve tried windowed mode, i’ve tried high priority, i’ve tried disabling desktop composition, and running as admin, all that stuff. Not sure what to do just bought it last night.

Does your system meet the minimum requirements? The minimum requirements have been raised substantially since Warcraft III first released in the early 2000s.

Tried restarting the computer? Restarting forces drivers to reload which can help rule out graphic driver bugs and the like. Shutting down the computer will not force drivers to reload next time it is started.

i am trying to launch Wc3 Reforged. And yes i meet even the recommended requirements.

I have the exact same problem! And I have a NASA computer.

You probably need something more recent with more memory. At least something that supports x86-64 instead of whatever NASA still uses from the 1980s.

Joking aside. Posting your dxdiag listing might allow people to offer more detailed, non general support. Possibly start your own topic in case your issue is not related.

Have you tried letting it sit on the black screen for several minutes? In case there is an I/O or networking issue.

It happened to me once you have to reinstall the game