Game is great without ranked

bliz figured out ladder just raise stress and toxic level so they dont add it for a good reason

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Enjoy it while you can, I guess. I don’t even play WC3 online. It doesn’t mean I should enjoy a removal of such feature from those who actually enjoyed it. beside Unranked game mode is a thing in SC2. what ever they call it.

On the other hand it is that way but on the otherhand it nullifies all accomplishments.

I think anyways b .net ladder is a natural hierarchy (unles modified by hacks). So it represents that same skills who are also in between humans irl…

So, does that mean we might never even see 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 ranked because Remastered doesn’t even have those after 3 years?

An unranked ladder like sc2 would be amazing for testing new races - without being punished for losses that count toward your record.

Or practicing other strats etc.

We need ladder tho. The very fact that they shipped war3 without having bnet functioning properly first shows the team didn’t know their audience or the history of rts players.

Rts players love statistics. We love checking our stats and our progress in skill. (Same goes for chess players I guess but chess is the cousin of rts)

Shame on you Blizz.

It’s true tbh , i remember people back in the day that were playing melee custom games because they were afraid of ruining their winrate… also imagine the desync losses… extra tilt oof

But we already have mmr by using !mmr

Unranked / Ranked could work but it will split the playerbase and we will have longer queue times finding games.