Game crush((

I bought the game, installed it, but it does not start (it says that the program has crashed). the technique should work, reinstallation did not help. in technical support, there is no necessary item, what should I do?


The GPU in this system is not supported. We only support GTS/GTX cards this is a GT 520, which is around 300% lower in performance than our lowest-listed Nvidia GPU. We can always double-check and look into a refund if you haven’t accessed the game, though if you wish to troubleshoot with our team first I recommend contacting them Here Make sure to include your Msinfo and Dxdiag as requested on the submitting page.

Thank you.

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Yeah, that’s probably not going to work out :smiley:

Holy moly hahaha. I don’t even know what to say. A 12 year old graphics card may be able to run WoW on low settings, but not much else. No modern game will support such an outdated card.

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