Game Completely Freezing PC

(For some reason I can’t post in Technical Support forum?)

It’s happened three times now, and I’m not sure why. I’ve updated by drivers and everything, and my computer should easily be able to handle the game, but just randomly during a match my PC will completely freeze up, I’ll get the blue screen of death and GG.

Is this happening to anyone else? This has never happened before and is only a very recent issue.

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can you explain more your problem?

Something is wrong with your computer. Some piece of hardware is unstable.

DXDiag listing would be a good start.

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Hello JawaThePwn :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re running into crashes… as DrSuperGood mentioned, a DXDIAG would be helpful in diagnosing possible issues.

Obtaining System Files

You can include the DXDIAG in a reply to the forum post. Place it between rows of accent marks (`) for formatting:

Like this.

Same problem.
At the first mission to the campagne then at the second.
My computer freeze, BSOTD and reboot.

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That points towards malfunctioning hardware.

Please verity that your system can run Prime95 and Furmark for an extended period without crashing or errors. The tests must be run separately to avoid resource contention rendering the tests ineffective. If they do crash or error then something CPU (CPU, motherboard, RAM) is the problem for Prime95 and something GPU is the problem for Furmark.

If it passes these then the cause might be driver related. Use Display Driver Uninstaller to remove the existing graphic driver. Then clean install the latest graphic driver for your GPU.

I just had this issue while playing, I have played the whole prologue and got into the 5th mission in the human campaign, first attack wave to hearthglen came and my pc froze.

Very important note: This is the only game that has presented me this issue VS more demanding games I play ATM we’re at the most the game crashes but no PC Freeze

Note 2: I have all my drivers updated aswell

Same problem here essentially. Game crashes at random points. In both reforged or classic. Game feels sluggish at all times, and seems to be vid lagging even in solo.
Menu screens are ugly and unintelligible, font face and size in online chat is barely legible.
I will pay you 3 x what I paid for reforged to give me back the classic warcraft that I have played for 20 years.
This update is in every way terrible.


Please do not necro older threads. I agree with DrSuperGood suggestion and make sure to review our System Requirements. Please be advised that we at Blizzard do not support PC freezeups or Blue Screen of Death errors directly, as that indicates a major system level issue. Possible troubleshooting for this type of error is seen here. Though we at Blizzard don’t assist with these types of error, a PC technician or Microsoft can help you troubleshoot bluescreen errors.

If you need further help with these from the community, you should create your own thread.