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https:// eu. battle .net/support/en/help/contact/1629/ticket

https:// www. citizensadvice

https:// www. which

https:// www. gov .uk/government/news/new-rights-for-consumers-when-buying-digital-content

I would like to request a refund for this purchase.

Under the United Kingdom Consumer Rights Act (2015) goods must be:

-Satisfactory quality

-Fit for purpose

-As described

The game, as currently released, is significantly different to what was previously advertised (at Blizzcon, trailers, etc) in terms of number of maps re-made, no re-making of the cinematics of the game, limited re-working of models, etc. In fact, I’m struggling to see what exactly has been ‘re-mastered’, it seems I have paid £35 for a game I already own (Warcraft III).

Likewise, I have been experiencing technical issues with the software, such as unresponsive animations and connectivity issues. Therefore, the software is neither of satisfactory quality, or fit for purpose.


Yes, best way to request a refund is via … forums!


No, it’s links and a template to help others. I’ve already requested my refund.

You don’t need “links” and such to request a refund. If you are eligible to receive one, you will get one. If not, under Blizzard rules, you will not get one. Simple as that.

No, it’s not ‘as simple as that’. You think ‘Blizzard rules’ overright domestic law? Lol.


Blizzard rules != Laws … simple at that


When you purchase something , you agree to their terms which I’m sure they are respecting the laws. Is not like they add rules which violates …domestic laws.

So yes, is simple as that!

You can’t sign away your legal rights in an EULA agreement FYI. Domestic law always takes precident and the law in this case is quite clear: the goods should be fit for purpose and ‘as described’.


You clearly have no clue what you are talking about… even TOS and CoC kan have invalid clauses that wont stand in a court. You can write as much bs as you want in your Agreements but its not automatically in line with Law LUL

Just put “you are not eligable for refund after purchasing” and all your problems are solved right? What do we need laws in that regard for then? dat logic…


You are right, so … what law is which they break ?

Yup, that’s also right. So again, what laws did they break ?

Listen, if you don’t get a refund from Blizzard , means mostly you will not get one even with your domestic laws, but IF you want to get your money back, make a chargeback within your credit card company, paypal, etc and you will get it ( most of the time ). In this case, you will also lose your bnet account, which is fine right? As you are here to …unleash your anger to Blizzard and you don’t want to have anything to do with them, right?

The Consumer Rights Act (2015).


…right! That’s from YOUR point of view. Are you a lawyer by any chance ?

False advertisement?
Refusing refunds for said falsely advertised product?
You must be acting stupid or trolling… or someone who is living in a bubble far away from reality lol


Right , no, they didn’t false advertising. You compare the 2018 demo with “advertising” ?!

Read above…

Common sense is a luxury in this forums!

But, have you bought W3 Reforged or … are you a white knight for those who did?

They still advertise the game on the website with those 2018 demos… advertising while not advertising! Woah dat logic is beyond comprehention!

Oh and btw “stealing a product you bought 17 years ago” is against the law for sure. I mean… are you able to play original WC3 online and use all of its features like you used to a week ago? No… oh i see more problems coming towards Blizzard in that regard aswell.


Thanks a lot, used that as a template to request my refund.

So … legally speaking, do you still think that they falsely advertising? No, right? Uncommon? Maybe, but that’s a different topic.

But, have you bought the game? As you didn’t answer to that question and I wonder…if you did it …

you have to be trolling now… no one can be that stupid if serious.
And no… i have learned my lesson years ago and didnt preorder. On the day it releases i thought of buying it but then i had doubts and decided to wait… best decision in a long time i made. And you dont need to buy the game to see for yourself how trash it is and how none of the things they promised were made true. You dont even need it to see that they downgreaded your original WC3 big time… you dont need to buy it to know that there are no “4hours of cinematic and cutscenes” in the game, in fact there is only one so far LOL oh and its not 4h long. Its literally 30/40€ for a reskin, that even doesnt match the environment

Maybe you should leave your bubble first then we can have a serious conversation.

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So you don’t own the game.

Got it! No more …questions!

What i don’t get is why you have such a massive problem with people giving other people a local format to try and get as refund. Unless you are just trolling which seems highly likely,

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