For all of you aspiring map makers

Sad but understandable.

How many billions do you think the company missed out on on dota? After dota came HoN, then LoL, then Dota 2, and their answer after all that was HotS (which closed down their competetive scene). They never made a good moba early and missed their chance.

And it’s a good question - should this kind of copyright hoarding ever be applicable? If yes - at what level?

Chill out. If they steal your idea and make a game out of it; guess what? That’s capitalism. But they’re not gonna win anon, in the end the fans will simply boycott their stolen product and support the original creator if his/her project blows up. That’s capitalism too.

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“its okay to be morally bankrupt because money” ~ schadenfreud


This is such a small brained way of doing things, not only are they overtly restricting the creativity of map makers with their bans, but attempting to profit off of someone else’s hard work. Why not just co-operate with the creator of a popular map and set it up as a standalone if you want to profit off of it? I’m pretty sure they had multiple years to reach out to Icefrog to set up their own standalone DOTA, so in essence, isn’t the community just being punished for Blizzards lack of business acumen? It’s not the community’s fault that they spent all their dev resources on making more WoW expansions while these custom maps were gaining wider popularity.

Every year I hope to return to the golden age of battle net 1.0, the perfect trifecta of and the height of their popularity for, Starcraft, Diablo 2, and Warcraft 3, and whenever I see things like this I know those days aren’t ever going to return, and at best we’ll be able to relive only brief moments in time.


Capitalist realism.


How is this sad?! If you want to make a map, you are using Blizzard software. So of course you will not own it.

Banning maps for intellectual property is VERY common and you can’t complain about that.

Banning inappropriate content …how is this very sad?!

So , care to explain how all this is “sad” from your point of view?

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Lets be real, no one is going to waste their time creating something amazing like the old days. People are smarter and would just make it their own indie project via other means.

I would bet we aren’t going to see anything really innovative, but Legion TD, Green TD and Wintermaul over and over till Re-reforged comes out


I’ve worked on maps since the game came out.
Well no more lol.
Bye world editor, hello dota editor.


Nowhere else in reality does this really occur, so your “of course” here is highly unmerited. The map editor is a tool, what you do with that tool does not entitle the tool maker to the intellectual property, much in the same way that games are built in a game engine, the game engine does not own the intellectual property of the game. This is one of the few things that I think would absolutely not hold up in court.

I’m not Interference, the person you posed the original question to, but the reason why this is sad is because these clauses objectively limit the creativity of a map maker as well reducing motivation to create custom maps not only because your creativity is now limited, but now the tool company is saying it’s owning everything that you make with its tool.

WC3 spawned and attracted many communities through its custom maps, WC3R should be a celebration of what made Warcraft III great, a re-kindling of one of the games from Blizzard’s golden age, instead we see that Blizzard appears to resent the map making community, and wishes to alienate them and the communities that thrived on them.


Wow, that’s so mature of you! If it wasn’t a problem in Classic, almost 20 years ago, doesn’t mean is not in today’s world.

How is it that your creativity is now limited?!? Because of the fact that you can’t added shitty things or other’s intellectual property in the map?!

So, because they offer you the tool to create a map, it means you should have ownership over that map? Well , take your map and play it outside of W3 client then.

Good luck!

Butting into this conversation because your defense for this is absolutely idiotic.

So, let’s say you build a house using a hammer(Currently ignoring everything else, like you are ignoring assets, that are made outside the game). Then, the company that made the hammer says your house now belongs to them because you used their tool.

Congratulations, you wasted time making the house(map) and wasted the money buying the hammer(Warcraft 3).


If you’re an amazing map maker, dependent on their world editor, and looking to use it as a template to create your own game and make $ off it… Then I guess this first point might be bad news for you.

What does this mean? Wouldn’t that mean we can’t use Pokemon? Pokemon Legends is still one of the more popular custom maps that everyone still plays


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say hello to DotA 2, Warlock, and Touhou DotS

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Wow man! I understand your …“frustration”, but have a bit of common sense please…

you first.


That was so well said dude.
Ya I dont like Dota 2, and I imagine, if Blizzard had of reached out to Icefrog and made a Blizzard Dota, in Classic Blizzard style(not todays Blizzard style)
I would have loved it.
There were so many ways Blizzard could have worked with their content creators and created stand alone games.
So many Line Tower Wars would have made great mobile games.
Blizzard did not capitalize on all of these maps, or even added functionality that they could have offered to their communities.
Remember gproxy? People could reconnect to games that lost connection, Blizzard could have incorporated that.
People who do things for free dont require a lot of money to continue doing them.
I even remember a program I used to follow friends into custom games, a feature very useful that Bnet didn’t have.
Perhaps it was a lack of understanding between their developers and their CEOs.
So many missed opportunities.


Pretty much, most of the best mods come from WarCraft III. With their new policies not only they will restrain the creativity of the moders but they also remove whatever map they find “offensive”.

Do you actually have the enough brain to understand how much that will affect the old and new mods?

They just do this since the day they lost a lawsuit for DOTA, which btw, it ended up being a very popular game (like it or not).

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are pretty much a Blizz fanboy.

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You must be very stupid or you really don’t know how to read… Blizzard has the copyright for the models and textures, whatever they’ve made. What he is mentioning is the INTELLECTUAL property, which is not owned by Blizzard, only by you. The IDEA, the CONCEPT of the game.

It’s really not worth it using creativity in a tool owned by a company that will pretty much take the IDEA and not even give credit.

Even Valve understand that and let the moders be free.


Oh yeah… Kabal, baby. I can finally tell you are pretty much a Blizz fanboy/defender… The Blizz Keyboard Warrior.

Let me see… You REALLY think reforged is good, right? Even though it is trash.

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I really don’t get people like you. Simple fact is this : You don’t agree, you don’t play nor create anything with the map editor.

I see the rules decent. I’m sure if there will be a second map of Dota success, they will 100% give credits, but hey! Let’s hate more.

If it wasn’t for W3, Dota or Dota 2 wouldn’t exist. So yea, Blizzard EVIL !!!