Fix this freaking FPS problem

I have made tons of topics about this, I have a decent i7 11th gen and rtx3060 and I’m getting stupid 120FPS in SD graphics in 3440x1440, I’m getting 100FPS in HD graphics at the same res, the difference between SD and HD is just 20fps in my case, this is stupid that the way your idiot developers have destructed the game that SD runs 10 times slower than 1.32

The fact behind this idiot thing is, HD mode forces to use RTX3060, but SD mode just keeps using OnBoard GPU which might be ok in 1920x1080 about +240FPS, but it is noticably slow 120FPS in 3440x1440 specially when you are used to play 300FPS

Use that freaking Task Manager that windows offers you, you can see that you crap is using GPU-0 for 3D, the fact that your idiot developers get 300FPS using onboard gpu in FHD, does not mean that your game is fine

For any trash advicer, I’m using latest version of drivers, I have put every single exe file that WC3 and BNet has into forced mode to use Nvidia, but still getting the same result

There is something freaking wrong with the DirectX compiled in 1.33

So you disabled your integrated graphics in UEFI/BIOS and confirmed that it increases back to what it was?

I suggest reporting this to Microsoft then. They provide the DirectX integration for applications like games.

So you have a high-resolution (3440x1440) display capable of 300 FPS (not cheap) yet only a RTX 3060 to drive it? Your hardware seems hugely mismatched…

Warcraft III was not designed for running at such high frame rates. It is possible you are encountering some internal engine limit. Just because in the past it reported silly big numbers of frames per second does not mean it actually rendered all these frames per second correctly. I suggest testing if rendering on the GPU does help achieve higher frame rates and make sure you are not accidently leaving a frame rate cap on.

I’m having a laptop, There is no option to disable integrated graphics, and yes! The problem disappears when It used to render on GPU, not On-Board GPU

The patch 1.32 was using GPU and I was getting a very very very smooth 300FPS

My setup is ok in rendering at 3440x1440, the problem is that all the rendering of classic Graphics is being done by CPU, not the GPU, and the GPU used is by Display Manager process and it is using OnBoard GPU too

I just want the game to be forced to be rendered on GPU, not OnBoard GPU, I would appreciate any help, If you want I can give anydesk to check it yourself

Try under windows power management. At least with Windows 10 you could specify/force which GPU an application uses or prefers.

Try under the Intel and Nvidia graphic driver settings. You might be able to force an application to a specific GPU there. Again, this sort of setting might be tied with power management.

Make sure your Intel and Nvidia drivers are up-to-date. Especially since Intel are releasing a lot of graphic driver updates recently. A lot of cases where the wrong GPU is being used are solved by graphic driver updates.

I’m using Windows 11, and I have forced from Windows Settings and Nvidia Settings that Reforged use Discrete GPU, I also have the latest Nvidia & Intel Drivers installed, both using Nvidia Geforce Experience and Intel Driver Support Software, there is no doubt in it

Just the problem is, Blizzard has messed up patch 1.33 so it only uses Integrated GPU in SD GFX, and uses Discrete GPU in HD GFX

I only need them to force SD GFX to use Discrete GPU, even menu uses Discrete GPU, but the SD GFX just runs on CPU

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