Feedback of graphics

Insanely beautiful detail thanks to which the atmosphere of the game is felt as much as possible (although stylistically not all models are transferred faithfully to the original) but nonetheless. Although due to the lack of normal shadows and light (like demo 2018), the graphics still looks a little strange.


I will bring my feedback about the graphics that are in this my quote!


How many people, so many opinions

Graphics are actually the worst thing in reforged - terrible.


It’s not. It needs tweaking but it’s good. Lighting and shadow fixing ASAP


This only will not help, the posture and frames of the models are completely different from original - making them useless.

The graphics look pretty good to me. What’s inexcusable are the missing features, technical issues and misleading marketing.

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I like models but as separate elements. In-game its looks bad. The entire game makes me feel I’m playing Wargame with highly colored models and a carpet behind them.


I think the new graphics are ugly, because they lack artistic direction. They are standard “high detail” video game graphics. No creativity, no spirit, and they have erased “Blizzard style”, which existed since Warcraft 1 onwards.

Moreover, they are less playable than TFT graphics : the lighting/shading fail means the characters don’t clearly detach themselves from background. Some models are too similar (ghoul/skelly, footy/milician…), which for an RTS is a problem.

It doesn’t matter that your graphics are high rez if you make them look like every other videogame in the world. So, it feels less “reforged” than “knock off”.

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Missing features, technical issues and misleading marketing are 0.0003% out of the 0.5 metacritic score. Missing features and technical issues are fixable, and they will fix it, models are not (hopefully they will be with the proper attitude from the community though) !

Most models are okay, but spell effects are awful, and terrains are not much different from the original.


Better graphics for Reforged: Tutorial: Graphics Improvement for Reforged

Everything looks sandpapery, I can’t explain it.

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Thank you for your useless opinion, nobody needs it :slight_smile:

Blizzcon 2018 lighting mod: Blizzcon 2018 ReShade (final version (for now))