Failed to retrieve data after win

Still getting this issue

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its known by the devs. Matches are still being recorded.

you’ll get it until they release the next patch I’d assume, it’s listed as a known issue though

Just trying to add to the number of reports for dr super stan’s sake. Do you know if the recorded matches will eventually show on your stats? Kinda pointless if not

The implication from the devs is all these matches will show up once the issue is addressed.

see here: Warcraft III: Reforged Known Issues -- Version 1.33.0

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Game dont retrieve last match data.

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Im getting “failed to retrieve data” after every game. 9-2 solo but only have 4 wins recorded. Side note my mmr is -1…

They are not being recorded properly. There are instances of full game listings showing a certain amount of mmr gained during a match, but it doesnt reflect in your personal stats. For example, I could play a game, fail to retrieve data, come back hours later, check my game history, game history says I gained +14 mmr, but my MMR only goes up by +3. This has happened on more than one occasion and does not fix itself.

For me, only 2 wins record

I think profiles may be bugged, rather than teh ladder itself. Recently my games are getting recorded immediately (as they are supposed to) and MMR changes can be seen right away. I’ve seen some discrepancies between the MMR shown on the versus screen and that seen in the profile. Which is clearly and obviously broken, but probably not the same kind of broken we originally thought. lol.