Excited for the return of a king. Questions inside

I am so freaking excited about the return of this game but I am trying to find some information on some things I have seen and have yet to be able to get concrete answers on. If there is easily accessed answers then feel free to just leave a link.

So, I have read some articles and interviews that hint to the idea that its not just a “new coat of paint” or “remaster” but a “reimagining”. Is this true and to what extent? I see there will likely be balance changes, do we have any information on those specifics?

On the main page of WCIII:Reforged I am seeing “hero” units that don’t look like any hero unit I remember. So are there going to be new units?

Do we know any of this yet?

I suggest you check out the thread:

It has a lot of information on what’s coming up for Reforged, taken from interviews around Blizzcon and afterwards.

As far as I know, no new units are being made for the game, all units are being up-res’d (and heroes are having alternate gender models added in). There will also be skins you can buy/obtain, making heroes look differently (no info on specifics yet I don’t think).

Also, many units are being made to look at lot more “heroic” (a subject debated pretty heavily on the forums).

If you have any other questions, you can either post them on the linked post, or reply on this one :slight_smile:

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You know what the biggest ooopsie I noticed I made by just reading the first couple paragraphs of that link?

It is releasing on or before December…2019.

I have been thinking it was 2018. Dreams dashed.

Take heart young one. The Earth Mother is near. The longer it takes for it to be released, the better the end result will be.


I agree. Except end of 2019 might be rushed for all we know… Hope it was set using development timelines and not financial ones.

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