Error Handling Request as 2024 April 1

A new update is ready for download. Select “Update now”. Does nothing. Completely reinstalled, same thing.

Maintenance. Check the stickies.

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A new update is ready for download. Select “Update now”. Does nothing. Completely reinstalled, same thing

same issue here =/


Update: 3:00 PM PDT
The game team is in the process of bringing the game back online.

Update: 2:15 PM PDT
The team is still checking over game systems and features following the maintenance work. We’re still targetting the updated time of 2024-04-01T22:00:00Z. I’ll update this thread if that changes.

Good afternoon,

The team has informed us that maintenance will need to be extended until 2024-04-01T22:00:00Z. We’ve updated the breaking news notification to reflect this. Apologies for the inconvenience!

We will use this thread to provide updates as needed.

Maintenance hour update please?

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Looks like they’re still working through it:


Does this mean we get a game update or just some normal Maintenace?

what happened to 3pm?

They re still on it:

Update: 3:15 PM PDT
Apologies for the delay, the team is still working to bring the services back online.

Error Loading
Americas servers

unable to login into WC3R real time strategy,
I’m able to login into other blizzard games but WC3R real time strategy

Finally…it’s back up! Sheesh…

Still having the same issue in EU. Please keep us informed.

Update: 3:35 PM PDT
The Americas region should be back online with other regions following shortly.

Update: 3:55PM PDT
All regions are back online. Thank you all for your patience today!

Still not working lol

for me (EUW) it works now.

Matchmaking broken after maintenance, unable to find any games. Been waiting for 30 mins. Anyone else having issues?

yes same for me 2v2 ranked versus mode, not able to find any match since 20minutes

Yes, once I managed to be able to search games, it takes ~20 min to find one.