Error 01787F96-CE3A-4BB4-A765-83EA547AD888

HELP ME. Ayuda…


When checking all the crash logs, 2 common themes; the first major is the iGPU used in this system is not supported. We do not support any intel-based iGPUs. You can review our system requirements Here. The second issue is that most crashes appear in a single map, though that could be related to the first issue.

Overall, we recommend playing on a supported system, but you could see if the following steps help at all until you can do that:

  • Check Intel’s site for the latest driver.
  • At the menu → Goto Options → Video → Bottom left, toggle to Classic graphics.
  • Load the mission fresh, use chat code: AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs
    This will allow you to skip this mission and move to the next.

Thank you.

What is the map name? I can test that part.

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