Editor error!

The editor is also buggy:

  1. Is not in German.
  2. Adding a sound causes the editor to crash.
  3. Is not in German.
  4. Is not in German.
  5. Is not in German.
  6. Is not in German.
  7. Is not in German.
  8. Has not been in German for 8 months.
  9. That was in German for years.
  10. That was in German for years.
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I would understand if the editor texts changes weekly or blizzard adds, changed, removes features on a daily basis that people need localized support… but the editor is the same day in day out. why do you need a german version? i see in your posts history that you post only in english. why do you need german editor?

Why is someone writing an English post complaining the editor is not in German? If your English is that good I recommend using the English version anyway since its tooltips are written directly by the developers as opposed to any translations which have to go via a translator who might take liberties with the meaning.

This is also why I recommend watching movies in their original production language if you understand it. We all know how that turned out for Spongebob Sponge Head

Why I need a German editor and why I write this in the English forum is very simple:

  1. Nobody reads the German Forum!
    (Blizzard has terminated support employees.)
  2. Before Reforged, the editor was in German for years, why not now?
  3. With the English editor it is just laborious because what I did before in German in about 20 minutes now takes me 60 minutes.
    Now calculate that for a whole map.

It all takes so much longer … just plain exhausting.

You have to say there is a German editor, but unfortunately something went wrong at Blizzard.
There is only 5% of the editor in German (if that works at all)

The Object Editor Fields, GUI Categories, variabletype names change with a different localization. This also includes the order in which they are placed, not only the displayed text. Different order makes it ineffective for anyone that already did a lot in the non english version.

In the same time it is unclear if the editor support for non english version was dropped or this is just a bug. Haven’t read anything offical about that, therefore relearning it is also shady.

The German Forum has no fitting category for such posts it only has: announcement/news and technical support.