Edge of 1.33

It’s stressful or hard for me thinking that here while we sit on the edge of the release of 1.33, I reckon that the known bug cases in the came won’t get fixed and the list of glitchy edge cases and problems in the game will get longer and longer, and there isn’t anyone who I figure will be able to do anything about it.

I would say it is very demoralizing. But I also cannot foresee a solution because I have no faith in the corporate leadership to maintain this Reforged product into the direction I would want.

Are we to just accept that long term support for custom modding features on 1.33 will be worse than 1.32?

In the spirit of trying to keep sane and celebrate where we are and what 1.32 has been prior to this, here are some videos celebrating how the Reforged assets can look really cool up close:

There are new bugs but there are also fixed bugs, it’s the same as any other game that’s ever been developed, you can’t add new stuff without introducing at least a few glitches. A lot of issues were found and addressed over the PTR’s duration though.