Early download?

Are we going to download the game early?

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Good question.

I vote 24hrs early

Yes. We expect to have the installer ready for download tomorrow, several hours before release time (3:00 p.m. PST).


Thank you Kaivax! Looking forward to release!


God damn, someone actually spoke to us! :slight_smile: Thank you, Kaivax! :slight_smile:


Wait, you guys are still alive?


Amazing, excited

Mindblown xD

While I understand they wont go full damage control now, there is a good amount of “legit customer questions” which also await for a blue answer…

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Look, I like the beta but the lack of communication or even marketing is not encouraging.


Are we going to be able to play offline (campaign, etc) instantly after downloading that? Or the files will be encrypted or something?


I very, very much doubt it.

The way it’s probably going to go is that you will have to log in to Battlenet once to verify your Reforged licence and you won’t be able to do that until the servers go up.

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I thought you couldnt play offline?

You can after release. In fact, the offline mode is still there in the beta, but it’s grayed out and you have to get kicked into it by a bug.

And is the release build gonna be like the beta, or will there be more features and stuff?

We’re officially <24 hours until Reforged releases :slight_smile:

Hope u are right

hey you are new here - u gonna talk to us on a more regular basis? now that would be really great news, as one of the things we craved most for is some contact to blizz. please stay with us :frowning:

Don’t get your hopes up - as far as I remember, Kaivax is a WoW Community Manager, so… he’s probably been “loaned out” to the Reforged team to help with the launch.

That’s still good. At least he’s not the “if you want High Elves, the Horde is waiting for you” Manager

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