DotA Reforged Needs WORK!


When The Reforge Release A lot OF New and Old players will Come back to WC3 And many of these Players Will Return for the Custom Games On BNET. But Blizzard is not prepared for this because BNET still has lot of work to do with fixing Custom Games. Blizzard needs to Update and Include Autohosted Games. I have Some suggestions that Could Work:

  1. Good idea would be Blizzard bring back Bots so people can enjoy playing Quality custom games again. Forums - Rules- Bans- Stats (Organization is IMPORTANT)

  2. If Dont Want to add Third party Bots then Blizzard needs include a seperate section for Some Customs games (DotA, LTD, etc.) to add Stats, Banlist, and overall better Community experience

Blizzard needs take Custom Games Serious because there is Big opportunity when Reforged IS release . Lot of players on BNET enjoy competitive games .U need to add these features for the BNET Custom Games community. @Pete Stilwell

HoN in battlenet / W3 Reforged

I totally agree with you. If Blizzard don’t do anything about this and game state remains like this, WC 3 Reforged’s player base will die fast.


Bots will never be back. Get over with that. We don’t want flooded game list with Legion Tower Defense crap and dota only


Lucio you are dumb you cant read, Theres 2 options iF u dont like the first one you can Choose the other one, maybe read next time more clear.


Even the second one doesn’t seem like it’s Blizzard’s job.


Limitless Custom Games

Discover millions of player-created games, including tower defense, MOBAs, ARPGs, survival games, and more, or build your own with the upgraded World Editor.

Yea it seems like its Blizzards Job because they sell WC3 Reforged for profit and Custom Games is big part of Reforge. Without Bots you cant autohost , and this why Blizzard needs help fix this.


no they don’t Players decide to host not some 3rd party bots. Just stop and agree bots are not coming back no matter if you’re bot service fan boy. Games is better this way. Everyone can host now in custom games. Desync still needs rework and fix that’s all. Auto hosting is no longer needed. If you want to play a map you can always host. We don’t want flooded game list with same maps like we had years ago. Flooded game list with 50-60 bots hosting same maps and always empty


But not DOTA. That’s up to the mapmakers. That’s like saying that Valve should be troubleshooting Source mods.


Players could always host by using bots like with MMH , The quality of Games Hosted with MMH is the same with players hosting right now.

“Games is better this way”
How? Now You have No Rules, No scores = No Fun. How can u Enjoy playing games like LTD, DotA? u dont understand whats Quality Games.

Wtf are u even talking Lucio?, U dont make any sense, you dont speak for anyone. There was A Petition created for this and over 3k people supported.


then play on your favorite ENT Network. Face it bots are not coming back. We don’t want them. And your so called petition is not the whole player base its just the ent and other hosting bot fanboys that you want your bots to act like before. Sorry won’t happen doesn’t matter if its 3k or 5k BOTS ARE GONE. GET OVER IT.

You can play on your favorite hosting bot platform. Instead you came here calling me dumb cause I disagree with your idea. Speaks enough that you can’t accept the criticism and the same can be said to you. IF you don’t like playing without bots simply move to your private ent hosting network and the problem will be solved.


Autohost promotes spam. No thanks. I like how it is now.


i think the MORE constructive feedback is to request blizzard to allow the players to choose server location when hosting.

responding to kindkar’s originaly comment only: you should think twice before you ask blizzard to basically kill the chance of any custom game to rise and build an audience.

because to me it looks like u dun really care and just REEE about dota and LTD staying at the top because ofc you do.

DOTA and LTD stayed at the top for 8+ years and what happened ? the natural custom community playerbase was ether LTD or DOTA or horde VS allince or vermpire or (BASICALLY people who paid to have bots to auto host their games)


Have you read this?

I believe that you read the following part of kindkar’s original comment