Dota Download Recommendation


I don’t know where else to go, so I’m taking this risk…

Now can someone give me a link or something, where to download a proper and official Dota 1?, it has to be the most lastest patch by 2019 standards (I know it already ended on 2016, but you know :sweat_smile:) I just wanted it to play, the internet only gave me broken ones, not to mention it keeps confusing me of which that the latest patch was 6.88 to 7.01 or something in which i dont know anymore… So can somebody help me…


Icefrog stopped developing dota 1 for wc3 long ago.
Official version could not be compatibile with newest patch ?

But community guy DracoLich took the map (probably hack),made balance and spell how he wished, and hes updating it regularly.
And community loved it and it was massively played and its played right now.

Note: There might be some subjective versions of newest dota,where creator is boosting his favourite hereos,make game unbalance etc.


Yeah i know, even the official website is gone last 2016 ago, but still I believe there must be someone out there might still have the copy, but I’ll check out your recommendation, Thank You!!

Update: This was the best Dota 1 map so far!!! Thank you!! Question, Is there an A.I version of this? A Dota 6.85 A.I Dracolich version perhaps or at least similar…

I know about the official 6.83 version by Icefrog, but it has problems with it, it’s minor but I find it annoying, like there was a White Area at the edge of the map, and the wallpaper loading screen was in Chinese, not to mention it has some wrong translation problems so thats why I’m looking for another one…


These are the most played versions:

1- IceFrog’s latest update(6.83d)
The White Area at the edge of the map is caused by the new wide screen support. If you want to fix it, you will have to play in a 4:3 resolution.

2-DracoLich’s version(6.85n)
Works on all Warcraft 3 patches

3-DracoLich’s latest version (6.89)
This version works on Warcraft 3 patch 1.26 only. This version of DotA offers many new features. It allows players to ban heroes at the beginning, shows the exact amount of seconds remaining for abilities cooldowns, gives the ability see your allies abilities without having them to share you, disabling auto attack, auto hero select when you right click, video chat commands such as -maxfps, -vsync -ws (widescreen) and -betterfps. It has a config file which allows you to rebind inventory and abilities hotkeys and many other settings. It also offers many features that Dota 2 has.
In my opinion dracoLich latest version is the best.


Wow, Thank You so much!!! Now I’m Moba Complete :sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile:

I just wish The 6.85n Dota has a A.I Version though…