Does Blizzard ban Trolls/Leavers?


There is a big problem in the ranked games … There are a lot of leavers, trolls, teamkilling … etc in 2vs2/3vs3 and especially 4vs4 …
it’s unplayable. A lot of players are still playing while reported a long time ago, does reports work ? Or blizzard doesn’t care about wc3 players anymore ?

Giving us a patch with “enhanced” reports players won’t change anything if there are no penalties


They havent added match leave penalty in 20 years and i dont think they will

But they have implemented an astonishing new way of disconnecting people at random :wink:


Legacy War3 never had a reporting system.

The Reforged reporting system did nothing at all until patch 1.33. The new system is automated and will use reporting thresholds similar to HotS. It won’t be effective.

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Well it kinda depends on how much it takes. Quite frankly I think if the majority of the other players in a game report the person (considering both teams) that should really be sufficient. Otherwise even a short history should be enough to get a suspension.

You can’t base something off just one report because that would be too easily abused and would require constant actual moderation to reverse unjustified punishments by the system, which is what they would like to avoid.

Reporting for things like language is more cut and dry though. League of Legends for example, automaticaly issues chatbans (or worse) if someone puts the letters k, y, and s next to each other in chat, which if it isn’t obvious is encouraging someone to commit suicide. You don’t even have to report people for it, the system will do it automatically. So certain words or phrases and their mutations can be used to auto-ban people without thresholds.

then for some magic reason the whole dota community survived all this and went to feed the same people who developed a game just for banning them…
money moves in mysterious ways! :wink:

It comes down to what can be verified internally, as that is the only way Bliz will base their decision making. If it’s not logged, there’s little that can be done.

For example, chat is something that can be called up since all chat on Battlenet is logged on the backend. However, something like teamkilling can’t be. There’s nothing saved on backend which logs how a match plays out.

And like with any report system, Bliz can’t just go on the players’ word, meaning they can’t just use something like the number of reports to base their decisions. That is completely abusable.

People think that every Bliz game has the same extensive logging that WoW has, but that’s not the case. Even SC2 with its far more advanced systems than WC3 doesn’t have anything on the backend that can determine how a match played out.

Having said that, it’s possible that up till now (tomorrow actually) the reporting functions in Reforged didn’t actually do anything, or maybe not enough for Bliz to act on. After all, it was released in a grossly unfinished stated.

I think we should make a way to track those team killers and if we see them in a game we’re good at we aim them down.

Agree this is really hard to moderate but I am just trying to play for fun sometimes in 2v2/3v3/4v4 … Most of time: a leaver, a troll (playing just at the beginning then go afk / teamkill / leave, asking for an answer or go afk … etc) …

It’s a shame :confused: The big problem is: the same players I have seen from several months trolling/leaving (example in 4v4 : roule1beuze#2192, solmyr => everyone know this guy in 4v4 => afk then leave after 5 minutes, Fipps… etc).

Moreover the match making elo is totally broken but that’s an other issue…

Note: Just play today: Roule1beuze#2192 still playing since several month but it is still trolling / teamkilling

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freaking roule1beuze…ive reported him at least 20 times.

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Since 2 years I report him. Is Useless, Game masters sleep!

actually its more that they don’t really exist. The reporting is completely automated, and errs heavily on the side of not punishing. I imagine if there was an army of troll bots or something on the chat spamming the most vulgar hate speech that might get the attention of an actual person (i.e. if it was bad enough that the media would report on it). Outside of that though, not much is likely to happen.

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