Do not try to play offline-- warning

If you attempt to play offline and played any part of the game online at anytime… being Campaign, customs etc… You cannot load ANY files into the offline mode. You cannot even attempt to use the editor in offline mode. It also RESTARTS your campaign to the the RoC human campaign at the start.

That being said it gets worse. If you attempted to load up anything while being offline(due to a loss of internet or not wanting to play online) it will bug out when you reconnect and show that you have NO PROGRESS in the campaign, custom map files or versus maps. DO NOTHING IN THIS MODE. RESET.

Make sure the games files are being read correctly, make sure your paths are correct and close battlenet.

I thought the custom map EULA and this lazy remake was the worst I have seen, but holy crap, if offline mode is worthless… WHY MAKE IT.

I’m not at all affected cause i’m always online, and I get the business reasoning for an always online model, but to play devil’s advocate.

A lot of places in the world dont have internet, even in the US there are places with little to no access to a reliable internet connection, like very rural areas. There is also not always wifi on airplanes. Or maybe you just want to sneak in a game at work and get blocked by your job’s firewall. I can think of a lot of situations where someone, who unlike me actually leaves their house, might want to play offline

Not everyone is as privileged as you are

You guys are aware that he is a troll?

“Do You Guys Not Have Phones?”
The same thing, we were promised an improved game. But greedily cut off the functionality. I don’t have the Internet where I can play, it’s impossible for many reasons, but I have a network, I can play classic warcraft 3 with friends. I can play almost any game with GOG this way. But not the “improved” store-bought versions of these greedy creatures. May they be damned.

Do you ever look at dates before bumping a multi-year-old post? None of these people are even still around to see your reply.

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