Disappointed at spoils of war skins being WoW related instead of wc3 related


I hope there is still time for them to reconsider what skins go in the spoils of war edition and change it to be related to the Warcraft 3 campaign.

I don’t mind Blizzard selling “Jaina’s skin related to BFA events” or whatever that is in the future, but I was expecting the spoils of war skins to be related to the Warcraft 3 lore. Not everyone that played wc3 plays or played world of warcraft. I personally didn’t and couldn’t care less about what happened in wow. I not buying an wow expansion, I’m buying warcraft 3 (again).

Please reconsider this being the Thrall spoils of war skin
Instead of that one riding a wolf (?).

And this as the Jaina one *EDIT: They can add a horse to this model.
Instead of that one that looks like Nova from sc2.


The Jaina skin would not work as the Archmage rides a horse. While I don’t know the exact details, some things about the horse do have actual effects on gameplay, like the size or turning speed of the unit. Using Jaina as is would not translate well to the Archmage’s “stats” (I do hope someone will come along and explain it in greater detail as I fear this will not be sufficient for the OP).


Factor in readability as the most important element.
Regular ladder Archmage is “human on a horse” not to mention the specific animations that telegraph exactly what he’s doing.
All the spoils skins are being selected to match the same rough silhouette and likely share most of the animations in at least a robust sense so they do not disrupt readability in play during melee.


That’s beside the point, guys. They can remake that Jaina skin riding a horse, it wouldn’t take long. The point is the spoils of war edition skins being wc3 related instead of wow related.


Fair, but unfortunately the point of making them WoW related is specifically to appeal to the much larger WoW fanbase.
I know it sucks but that’s the way it goes. Marketing wise, WoW skins make more sense.
Appealing to us WC3 fans is not quite as profitable.


I don’t know, im on the side that likes the skins being from WoW because they add a nice optional variety.
All new models in W3R look pretty unique now, so it will be like experiencing them for the first time again so i don’t really need more.

But overall there should more model swaps.


I’m hoping there’s more model swaps available of all kinds and sorts. A lot of/all the campaign ones on top of the Spoils.


I get what they’re going for, but it’s pretty ridiculous that there’s no real reason for SoW edition within WC3. I don’t play the other games, so for me it’s pointless.


Though nothing has been said, I have a feeling those campaign characters may be unlocked somehow as skins for the game.

We have Hero and Generic versions of almost every hero. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had certain things put in to unlock for multiplayer, so that we can have Uther instead of Crewcut.



Collision - 32
Turn Rate - 0.50
Speed Base - 320
Movement Type - Foot


Collision - 32
Turn Rate - 0.50
Speed Base - 270
Movement Type - Foot

So she is 50 speed slower, that’s it in regards to movement.


They could always add wow related skins in the future and keep launch skins based on wc3 lore for us fans.


I don’t think his problem is the horse… But the fact skins are related to wow and not warcraft 3 the actual game you are buying… And I agree… I do like that bfa Jaina model over the default one which I despise… But he’s got a point…

They made characters look like wow already, would have been cool something like resident evil 2 did, and get us the classic war3 looks of characters as spoil of wars… Or something warcraft 3 related


Besides all of Warcraft 3?
I’d understand your point if we were talking about a game other than Warcraft 3 having some lovely Warcraft 3 nostalgia bait… but we’re kind of getting the whole game.
So maybe it makes more sense to have easter-eggs and marketing gimmicks related to other blizzard games or even other blizzard properties.
Because we can always just leave it on the ‘default’, our shiny new Archmage remake.


wow players who bought spoils of war already got their gift, it’s their meat wagon mount.
wc3 skins should be related to wc3, at least at launch.
99% of the wow players will never use those skins because they won’t play wc3 after they are done with the campaign.


And you know this for a fact because?
Actually scratch that, while I can understand why you’d say this and if you substract hyperbole from the argument might well be right, (say 60%-80% and that’s still just wild guessing), it is entirely irrelevant.

Point is: We are getting 99% of the game. There is no tragedy or loss if 1% caters to WoW players. Less than 1% if you count the frankly stupid amount models the original WC3 has, let alone Reforged which is adding unique models for every friggin creep.

We’re even getting a unique flavour of Arachnathid for every single version, for pete’s sake. A creature that seems to have been deleted entirely from WoW.
Can’t find a single one in Northrend.


i honestly want to see as little from bfa in reforged as possible, but it seems like many units are being based off the wow models somehow, like Grom’s, which i find a travesty.

I believe the artists never played warcraft 3 themselves or did not pay much attention maybe, changing something very subtle like the shape of grom’s tattoo can mess the lore up quite a lot make things stop making sense.

The abominations are a good example of artists not thinking clearly while working, go read my post about that.

I believe nevertheless that many models are well made, those that basically are just HD versions of the originals without the artist taking unnecessary liberties like the new farseer model.

I dislike the unnecessary subtle changes they sometimes make like with the orc shaman’s claws. Just… why?

I literally see no one ever being happy about that kind of changes and many people being unhappy, isn’t it time to stop?


I’ll agree I wish for Grom to have the lower black jaw and slimmer build.
The shaman claws should be straight parallel blades.
And do we have a good image of the abo? Considering no UD or NE units are in.
Regardless of that image, I will agree the abo should look like a stitched together mess and less uniform.

Those seem like much more important things to complain about than optional skins.
Especially Grom, because it literally contradicts lore.


Y’all are nitpicking as f*** dude, the new models look awesome.
And in regards to them being linked to WoW, in the same “canon” universe wether you think it is or not


I agree most of these are nitpicks, except Grom because in WC2, WC3 and WoW lore, he has a full-black jaw tattoo with all the implications that has for leadership status in the Warsong clan.

AU Grom, from WoD, is literally a different character from a different timeline that was connected to the main universe via a transformed dark portal. (Didn’t have son, didn’t drink the blood of Mannoroth, never went to Azeroth, never met Thrall etc.)

So there are two Groms who are both canon:

  1. MU Grom (green skin, full black jaw, took part in Warcraft 2 and 3.)
  2. AU Grom (brown skin, stripes on the jaw, exists in an alternate timeline.)

Giving Grom 1, Grom 2’s tats, is an error that can still be corrected to full black jaw and then not violate canon. It’s that simple.
The full black jaw tat has narrative significance as is made clear in Garrosh’ story, which includes WoD and AU Grom who wonders why Garrosh has the full-black jaw tatt because that is normally only worn by veteran chieftains of the Warsong clan.


You know they are charging $10 for that 1% of skins, right? That is literally the only thing you get if you’re only a wc3 player and decide to re-buy reforged.

People who play wow don’t have what it takes to git good in RTS games. They play their little game where u go to a raid boss and press F1 for 30 minutes and call it an achievement.

And yeah, I think using the ONLY spoils of war bonus for warcraft 3 to appeal to some mmo players, by making it about some who gives a fack BFA lore (idek what this sh1t is and don’t care) instead of making it relatable to wc3 story, is a slap in the face for the people that played and supported this game all along, and it makes no sense to buy the spoils of war edition if you’re a wc3 guy. But you’re entitled to have ur own opinion.

Still hope they’ll change the skins tho.