Disable Color Non-Existing accounts


Hello. Recently on Custom game roster we have seen people with colored names. I can tell you why this is bad. First of all it ruins the idea of creating an account since these people can be invisible. This happens not only on lobby before you start a game but also in chat channels.

So why this is bad you say? Well these people can whisper you but you can’t whisper back to them. If they decide to flood you with massive whispers and insult you. You cannot squelch them in the chat channels. I’m not sure if the command "/o igw " works on them. Its best to keep the game clean from trolls that use some tricks to make them invisible.


/r does not work?

In any case this entire issue is likely an oversight that will be fixed when BattleNet 2.0 integration occurs. At least it is not spoofing, where people who hosted could set their user name to be anything.


well when you do /r it shows the color number then the non-existing account name. Therefore you cannot whisper back.

The colored name stay the same in chat channels not only on lobby like the in the past namespoofer tools did that only on lobby but not in the channel