Difference in beta music tracks

Back in early November 2019 when I first got access to the Reforged beta, I extracted all the music files. When today’s patch was released, I decided to extract the music files again and compare them with each other.

Below are some tracks which have been changed between now and then (I’ll go through each of them in alphabetical order):

  • Most tracks are identical, but in those cases the filesize, as well as the bitrate, had been reduced a bit.

  • The “Credits” track has been turned from a stereo to a mono track.

  • The track “Dark Victory” had its intro removed (the first 9 seconds).

  • The old version of track “Human 2” ( Lordaeron Fall) had an extra part added to it (from 2:16 to 3:10). But now the original version has been restored and this new part has been removed.

  • The old version of track “Human 3” (Frostmourne) had a slightly-longer fadeout at its end. Most other tracks are identical in length, but this was a small, yet noticeable difference.

  • The old version of the “MainScreen” track (aka the Reign of Chaos main menu track) used to be louder across the board, but now it has been reverted to the old version with the quieter beginning.

  • The first three night elf tracks (Arrival at Kalimdor, Awakening, Rise of the Ancients) have been restored to their old version. Before, their waveform looked different (a bit louder at times), but there wasn’t really an audible difference.

  • The track “PH1” (aka the Frozen Throne credits track) used to had its intro with the “storm, earth and fire” part removed, as well as its other unit sounds like the wolf howling. The guitar riffs in that old version sounded weaker than the original. But now, the original has been restored.

  • The track “Tragic Confrontation” had its volume lowered. That is strange since all the other cutscene tracsk have all been normalized to 0.0 db, yet this track in particular has been normalized at roughly -7.6 db.

  • The track “Undead Defeat” had its volume increased by a little bit.

  • The track “Undead Victory” has been balanced a bit, emphasizing the highs and lows better.

  • The track “War2IntroMusic” used to sound different, it probably was the original WarCraft II version. The new version is the old, shortened WarCraft III version. My guess is that this fixed potential issues with any credits cutscene that uses the track in terms of timing.