Demon Hunter default skin


In the leaked portraits it seems that we might get a female Demon Hunter as the default skin. Is this true? And is there a plan to have campaign skins available in multiplayer?

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Seems like it, but you will probably be able to switch between male or female. Or maybe Illidan will be the male version.



Any source on campaign skins in multiplayer?

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Here’s a list of all changes we know so far and sources for them at the end of the post.


The only examples I’ve heard Blizzard mumble about are human ones, but there’s no way it would just be human heroes getting the swap treatment.

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That’d be ideal.

If there is no generic male version I will be pissed. My machinima plans hinge on having generic male versions of the hero units.

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In the Back2Warcraft interview at 7:08 it is confirmed that we will get campaign skins, but they did not mention what kind of campaign skins, maybe we only get the spoils of war ones.

Spoils of War ones aren’t even from the campaign though.

There is a male Demon Hunter skin without glaives in one of the pictures on the official reforged page. It looks like it comes from a melee game which I hope is the case, but it might also be Illidan in a campaign mission.

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Can you link me to this image? I could tell you if it’s Illidan or not.

All of the heroes come from the campaign, but not the skin versions.

They did say “campaign skins” though, which implies heavily that we’ll be able to use default lore characters in melee.

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Can’t send link, but you can find him in the night elf base picture in the offical gallery.

I can’t find it. :frowning:

It was loosley confirmed, but I hope that is the case.