Dedicated servers please!


Everyone that wants dedicated servers upvote this post!

Any other thoughts? Comment and explain why you think like you do.


But Blizzard already hosts dedicated servers to run Warcraft III’s online infrastructure…

If you are meaning empty lobbies with no one playing on them then no, people hate those as they are utterly pointless in the next patch seeing that everyone can host anything they want at any time.


I think he meant blizzard hosting the games, instead of the player who created the custom game match. (to my knowledge the person who created is the host, not dedicated servers…


So I think this needs to be explained for the mass:

A dedicated server is an optimized server that has been designed to run for longer periods of time with a dedicated host. Users can host one themselves or rent one from a game server provider that will host the server for them.

The SC2 model is a hybrid of sorts. The game is hosted by blizzard but the server doesn’t need to perform calculations as it just passes it along so the server becomes lighter.


Thx for the explanation.

What I meant was blizzard running the servers and hosting the games.

If they are already going to do that, fine. If they are not, less fine but ok.

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Might i suggest reading the PTR patch notes on the top of the forums.